Things You Eat in School


Justin Amos

CHS students enjoy Pizza Hut and tater tots regularly. Students from all over the world eat a variety of different lunches.

Justin Amos, Staff Writer

McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Subway, these are places that millions of people choose to eat  at daily. But what about  kids in school? Well kids don’t get these foods unless given to them.  Some people may consider foods in other schools healthier than our own  


In France, you get your food in courses. First, you get leafy greens such as salad, tomato, cucumber, or beets. For the main course, you get another veggie and thick-sliced roast beef and mashed potatoes, veal with mushrooms, and possibly broccoli. Most of the time you can get cut/sliced bread with butter, or if you prefer, two pieces of cheese. With a twist, you end with a dessert which is normally fruits like peaches or kiwi. If you have a sweet tooth, you can eat things such as sweet tarts. 


In the land of Sweden, the students and the teachers eat together in the school “restaurant” if you will. The main dish is something warm like potato stew or pasta with sauce. The side dishes consist of a salad bar, a selection of vegetables, and their famous knäckebröd, famous Sweden crispy bread. The drinks consist of milk and water, yeah not a very wide variety but it is what it is. 


Germany has more savory and hearty foods, with some veggies.


“We have the choice between food with meat or vegetarian food, once a week all the food is vegetarian. Moreover, there is a salad bar. Typical food is Fricassee, noodles or Bratwurst but in general, the food is very varied,’’ said Mario Tobaben, a foreign exchange student.

Tobaben also mentioned that the food was better back home than here.


In regards to something closer to home, our food is a lot less healthy. Former Notre Dame student, Parker Hegrat, was asked what was served at Notre Dame.


“There wasn’t a set in stone menu, everything was different every day except for a salad. It was good, yeah I liked it, some people didn’t but I thought it was pretty good,” said Hegrat.


The health teachers, Brian Long and Brad Hilliard were asked what their thoughts were on the quality of the food they get for lunch, taste, and health-wise.


“The Food is healthy, whole grain, vegetables every day. Each serving covers the My Plate” said Long.


“It looks healthy, always healthy options, always a variety…” said Hilliard.