The Hilltop Echo Tries Strange Candy

Madi Clemson, Copy Editor

Mid-September, The Hilltop Echo staff taste-tested a bunch of different types of candy. They rated the sweets out of 10 and gave their opinions.

Crunchy M&M’s

The first candy the writers tried was Crunchy M&M’s. These M&M’s were released to the public in March of 2022. Some of the writers said it tastes like a “chocolatey Whopper.” The average rating for this candy was 8.75 out of 10. You can find these M&M’s at Walmart for only $4.48.



Pumpkin Pie Kit-Kats

In August 2017, Kit-Kat launched a pumpkin pie flavor for the fall. These Kit-Kats have a hint of cinnamon with the pumpkin. The pumpkin smell of these candies hits you right in the face when you open the wrapper. The mini candies were a little on the waxy side. 

“It tastes like a candle,” said writer Ally Reid. 

The writers said that the individual wrapped minis were the perfect amount and if it were a full KitKat bar it would be too much. The staff rated these 6.5 out of 10. Depending on the store, you can find these seasonal KitKats for $5 to $15 at Target, Walmart, or any local drug store.


Funfetti Candy Corn

Brach’s came out with funfetti-flavored candy corn. Funfetti Candy Corn is a sweeter version of the original Brach’s candy corn. Many of the writers said they were very sweet and could only eat a few at a time. The aftertaste tasted like funfetti frosting. The candy corn was rated 7.6 out of 10. You can find this Funfetti Candy Corn at Walmart, CVS, Target, or Walgreens for about $3.50.



Froot Loops Gummies

Kellogg’s introduced a gummy version of Froot Loops cereal for Halloween 2021. The snack-sized packages with only a few in the bag are ideal for trick-or-treaters. The bright red packaging and Toucan Sam on the front looks like a smaller version of the cereal box. The gummies had a fruity smell and were super sweet. They had a fruity taste, it was almost like the Froot Loop cereal. The gummies even had a similar texture to the actual Froot Loops. The writers rated this candy a 7.4 out of 10. You can find these sweet gummies at your local Walmart for about $3.00 but they’re only around when Halloween candy comes out.



Haribo Sour Kicks

Haribo has tons of candy products. Have you ever seen their gummy shoes? They’re called Z!ing Sour Kicks. The gummies are supposed to be sour though, the staff said they weren’t really sour. Only a few come in the 4.5 oz share bag. 

Devney Rich said, “ There isn’t enough in a bag.”

The so-called shoes were very chewy and hard to bite into. The writers rated these shoes a 7 out of 10. You can find these gummy shoes at your local drugstore or Five Below for about $3.00.



Yoohoo Candy Bar

Mott’s released the classic Yoohoo Chocolate Milk and later came out with a chocolate bar that represents the drink. The packaging looks like the classic Yoohoo bottle with the bright yellow wrapper. 

Riley Lewandoski said, “it tastes like Whopper chocolate.”

The chocolate didn’t capture the full taste of Yoohoo, it had the sweetness of easter candy. 

She also said, “the more you eat the worse it gets.”

Most of the staff said the same thing. They thought the big candy bar from Five Below was too much. The average rating was 6 out of 10. You can find this chocolate bar at Walmart, Dollar General, Five Below, etc. for about $2.00.



Macaroni & Cheese Gummies

Frankford released mac & cheese shaped gummies in early 2022. The gummies come in a box that looks almost exactly like the Kraft macaroni and cheese box. “The taste isn’t actually cheese, it’s a tropical taste that you would never think of.” Lewandoski said, “If cheese was a fruit then this is what it would taste like.”

Reid also tried it, but she didn’t like it, “This tastes like a pina colada that has been in a basement for 4 years.”

There was a hint of pineapple and citrus, it also had a plastic taste. The gummies were also very hard to bite into. If you dare, you can find this noodle-shaped candy at your local Five Below for about $5 a box. 




Frankford Gummy Buildable Pizza Lunchable Kit

Lastly, the staff tried the “scary looking” Frankford Gummy Buildable Pizza Lunchable Kit. The box and the plastic on the inside were hard to open, the writers suggest scissors when trying to open it. The look of the gummy candy intimated the writers. Reid tried the “sauce” and she was very fond of it. 

She said, “it tastes like the non-sour version of a Juicy Drop Pop.”

The overall rating from the writers who dared to try this candy gave it a 0 out of 10. These Gummy Lunchables can be found at Five Below for $5.00. There are two different types of gummy Lunchables to pick from, the Gummy Pizza Builder Lunchable Kit and Gummy Cracker Stacker Lunchable Kit.