Tales From the Crypto Currency


Senior Dominic Del Zoppo thinks about his cryptocurrency portfolio. Photo By Jack Hollowell.

Zachary Kalis, Business Manager

A flurry of new ads for cryptocurrency was featured during the commercial breaks for the most recent Super Bowl. The ads left many of the viewers scratching their heads, wondering what cryptocurrency really is. Cryptocurrency is defined as a digital currency in which transactions are validated and records are kept by a decentralized system rather than a centralized authority utilizing encryption. One of the biggest advertisements for the game was a minute-long commercial promoting Coinbase, a crypto investing platform. 

High school students all across the world have started dabbling with cryptocurrency investing. Crypto can be misleading, as some believe it offers a get-rich-quick strategy, but it is much more complicated than that. Hours of research and learning are required to truly understand the investing strategies of the coins. Investing in coins is also a tedious process. 

 Movies such as Wolf Of Wall Street also help display an interest in the stock market/crypto markets for students. The movie is all about Investing in stocks and becoming very rich from it. Although the strategies used in the film are very illegal, the movie is an 18-year-olds boy’s dream. Seeing Leonardo Dicaprio drive fancy cars to his large mansion inspired people to dip into the world of investing. 

High school students also have limited paychecks which will not flip into a higher profit. Students should definitely look into crypto though and learn about it now since in later years it will be more globally used. Since classes do not teach about financial endeavors there are several online courses such as Coursera. Coinbase is also a great app on mobile devices to learn about and purchase crypto.

Senior Kyle Maronde described his experience investing in crypto as more of a hobby than a way to make money. “It gives me a rush,” Said Maronde. “ I research everything, the stock market, current administration, and new laws or regulations,” Maronde added. Maronde has only been investing for a little over a year now since you must be at least 18 years of age to invest.

16-year-old sophomore Logan Bryant weighed in on his thoughts on crypto without being able to invest. Without much knowledge of crypto, Bryant described it as virtual money. When asked if Bryant plans to invest in crypto he said, “Probably in the future.” 

This article will be enjoyable to look back on in a few years to see if crypto continues to rise. High schoolers worldwide will continue to test their luck in the cryptocurrency market as time goes by.