The Best Places to Trick-or-Treat in Chardon

Aiden Kingery

Chardon will hold trick-or-treating this year on October 31 from 5:30-7:30 pm this year. If you’re an avid trick-or-treater or just want to know where to avoid this Halloween, here’s a list of the top places to trick or treat. 


The Woods of Burlington

The Woods of Burlington

Located south of the square, The Woods of Burlington is a development that many trick-or-treaters take their bags to year after year. With nine roads connected to one, the development has around 252 houses and a semi-hilly terrain. The positives of this location include the low distance between houses and a trailer to take you around the neighborhood. The negative of this location is the number of hilly driveways. Many houses have steep and long driveways. 


“It’s cold, wet, hilly,” said freshman, Jay’veion Ware. “Avoid the houses with the most decoration because if you go to them last they’re ready to give away the rest of their candy.”


The Allotments

The Allotments

Just down the street from King Kone is a development known as The Allotments. With around 245 houses and 8 roads, it matches up with the other neighborhoods. It is very flat and has short distances between houses. Some positives of this location are the short distances between houses and really short and flat driveways. It is also a walkable distance to the square, so if trick-or-treaters get done early they can walk somewhere new. The negative of this location is the size in comparison to the Woods of Burlington and the square. Other than that it is a very basic development to trick or treat in. 


The Chardon Square

The Chardon Square and areas surrounding.

At the center of Chardon sits the square. The square itself is not home to many residents, but the 11+ streets surrounding it are big on Halloween. The biggest downside to the square and the areas surrounding is its hilly terrain and distance between streets. The positives to this location are its size and distance to restaurants and stores. The square is also decorated with scarecrows and other Halloween decorations. The Chardon Square Association will be holding “Halloween on the Square” after trick-or-treating at 7:30 pm.

They will hand out candy bags to everyone attending, so if trick-or-treaters didn’t want to do the walking or didn’t get enough, they can at least get some candy. The Chardon Police Department will be handing out cider and donuts at the event, and the Chardon Fire Department will hold a parade around the square. It will end at 8:00 pm.


No matter where you trick or treat this year, your success depends on the people who hand out the candy. Terrain and distance between houses can be a personal preference. There are plenty of other places not in Chardon you can trick or treat at, but if you are trying to stay local, give one of these a try.