Homecoming 2021: Beneath the Tent

Connor Mosher, Staff Writer

With crazy loud music, new styles, and a not-so-large tent, Chardon High School celebrated Homecoming 2021 differently from any other year. COVID-19 was on the rise, but the student council was still able to create one of Chardon’s largest events of the year with some extra glow-themed kick. 

Glamorous events kicked off the Wednesday before the dance with the Court Assembly. In the gym before school, each running group was given full photo coverage by G TV and the chance to tell the crowd a little bit about themselves.

Starting off was the dynamic duo of Sean Carr and Josie Aitken. Sean is the football captain this year and Josie spends her time leading multiple clubs including, French Club and the Coloring Team.

“I’m a Hilltopper inside the classroom and outside,” Aitken said.

“I got that Tager swagger,” said Tager as he and Carter walked into the auditorium. 

Julia Carter is an astonishing gymnast and Nathan Tager is involved in marching band, football, and soccer all at the same time. He has been known to run off the football field only to grab his instrument for the halftime show.

The next pair to present themselves were Carissa Clark and Connor Rozic. Both these two work together in the CHS Marching Band, but Carissa leads her squad. Outside of music, Connor plays tennis and previously swam.

“My running mate has really good hair. It’s in a bun right now” said Carissa. 

She used this as a way to get Connor to unveil his hair and the photographers went wild.

Next up came Chirs Gehrke and Farrin Erickson in burgundy attire. Gehrke is a Chardon soccer player, track runner, and NHS member. Erickson uses her voice to help the choir.

“I have bacon on my socks,” Gehrke said to the crowd.

“I’m with the kid who has bacon on his socks,” Erickson said.

Last but certainly not least were Sierra Feller and Sebastian Marker. Both these members lead our school in their own ways. Feller is a Crazies captain and Marker, nicknamed “Seabass”, is the Student Council President. Off the council, he plays soccer, tennis, and is a member of NHS.

“We have the best homecoming video,” said Marker. Using their fathers’ careers as pilots, the team shot their video in a private jet.

“People don’t realize how much work it is,” Feller said about her status as captain.

 After the event ended, students were given two and a half days to vote for Homecoming Queen and King. By the end of the first day, Freshman, Micheal, had already put in his vote.

“I already voted for Chris Gehrke. I voted for him because he is an excellent senior mentor, he has luscious hair, his video was the best I’ve watched,” Micheal said.

Homecoming reduced to a simmer over the next two days until the Friday night football game. Chardon streets exploded with colorful parade floats from every grade level. The marching band music also attended as it pumped through every corner.

Preceding the start of the game, all votes were counted to decide the winners on the Homecoming King and Queen. Tager and Sierra won. They were crowned right in the stadium and then the football game commenced to give another win against Madison for the Hilltoppers.

However, the biggest event of it all was the Homecoming dance. Dozens of students waited to take pictures in the square after hours of preparations earlier in the day. Once the clock struck seven, the front lawn of the high school turned into the start of a wonderful evening.

The white tent outside quickly became incredibly warm as a multitude of people enjoyed themselves to the loud music of the DJ. However, Mr. Murray quickly resolved the issue by opening the walls of the tent which in turn provided room for even more people to join the fun.

One of the most important dances of the night was the homecoming court dance. In order to start the dance, however, the crowd had to chant Chris Gehrke’s name to encourage him to leave the school and join the dance. Once he came, each running partner danced together as the students watched from the sidelines. Then, the other court members took a step aside to let Tager and Sierra have the famous king and queen slow dance.

For those who didn’t feel like moving to the harmony on the grass, the Student Council had put together a fun indoor setup too. The main foyer and hallway were adorned with every kind of glow item imaginable. In the cafeteria, a corn-hole arena was set up and students enjoyed beating their friends in the sport for hours to come.

With the dance done at ten, Homecoming 2021 came to a close as students took with them the memory of an ecstatic night to treasure.