Maggie’s Donuts: A New Treat On the Street

Devney Rich, Print Editor

Donuts… a classic breakfast treat. With the smell of the warm pastry and a steaming coffee to start the morning, you can’t go wrong. Up until recently, there was no place in Chardon to get this sweet treat fresh and made with care. We have corporate chains like Dunkin Donuts and the Giant Eagle bakery, but no locally-owned chains like Maggie’s. With the opening of Maggie’s Doughnuts on Center Street here in town, how could a donut fan not be excited?

The storefront is located right in the heart of Chardon. It’s homey and cheery inside with brightly colored walls and welcoming decorations. From the first moment in the building, fresh-baked doughy delicacies are all that fill the senses.

With an extensive span of different donuts, there’s something for everyone, from a tangy lemon custard, to blueberry cake, to the classic chocolate frosted, there’s no lack of options. I was ecstatic to see my personal favorite, maple bacon, on the menu. The doughnuts were fresh and delicious, tasting just as good hours later. They didn’t quickly go stale. The dough was a perfect light and delicious texture. The proportion of frosting to cake was perfect and created the ideal sweetness.

Though I visited during busy hours, on a Saturday morning, I was still met with friendly smiles and willingness to take time to talk. The employees are considerate and the prices are low, making a quick and pleasant visiting experience.

When it comes down to it, Maggie’s Doughnuts is just what this small town needed to brighten up their mornings. For those who prefer local donuts over fast chains, this is for you. Overall, it gets a 9/10 in my book for the amazing service and even better doughnuts.