Boston Marathon Bombings Trial

Ryder Davis, Team B Writer
March 12, 2015

Government prosecutors in the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (one of the two brothers who are responsible for the boston marathon attack) brought up victims of the bombing before the jury.  The first to testify was a nurse who entered the courtroom in a wheelchair with her service dog.  This woman had... Read more »

Cleveland Project

Dillon Wright, Team B Staff Writer
March 12, 2015

In the busy and bustling city of Cleveland, there are many activities, events, and community projects that take place. One example is the Susan J. Koleman walk for breast cancer. During this project, people can sign up to walk or run a mile around the city of Cleveland to raise money for breast cancer... Read more »

Pancake Fridays!

Natalie Bukovec, Staff Writer
March 10, 2015

Most students would argue that Friday’s are single handedly the best days of the week. After a long, tiring week full of homework, practices, meetings, and other various responsibilities, students wake up looking forward to the upcoming break of the weekend. However, recently here at Chardon, there... Read more »

Paris Shootings Ordered by Al Qaeda?

Ryder Davis, Team B Staff Writer
January 13, 2015

“One of the two brothers who killed 12 people at a newspaper in Paris traveled to Yemen in 2011 and received terrorist training from Al Qaeda before returning to France,” said an American official.  Saïd Kouachi spent a couple months training in marksmanship and other skills that were shown in... Read more »

Gettin’ in the Christmas Mood

Natalie Bukovec, Staff Writer
December 19, 2014

Well, it’s that time of year again! Christmas is quickly approaching and students are starting to really get in the holiday spirit. Festive sweaters have been broken out from the deep crevices of closets, cookies are starting to be made, presents are starting to be given, and everywhere you go you... Read more »

Winter Wonderland on its Way

Evan Hornyak, Editor
December 19, 2014

With mother nature’s raft on the way and as we get deeper into the season, it’s time to start preparing for winter and lots and lots of snow. Although it has been a pretty mild start for this winter season, it is said to be another harsh winter like last year’s. Last years snowfall for Chardon,... Read more »

Pakistani School Attacked

Joe Cyvas, Staff Writer
December 19, 2014

On December 15th, it was a normal day for most. Children of all ages were heading to school for just another day. All across the world, millions of adolescents went through their classes and extracurricular activities then went home and was accompanied by their loving family. Sophomore Dan Cioleck said,... Read more »

White Christmas?

Ella Brickman, Staff Writer
December 19, 2014

Here in Chardon, we tend to get a lot of snow in the winter. But this Christmas, we may be having a green, or perhaps even a brown, Christmas. The weathermen are currently saying that temperatures will be getting to barely even 30 degrees until Christmas day, or possibly after, with the exception of... Read more »

Elf on the Shelf

Sarah Cardina, Staff Writer
December 19, 2014

With Christmas approaching you better be ready. Not only is Santa watching but also his little helpers. The most newly popular thing around Christmas time is the Elf on the Shelf. Many have wondered what it is and what is the point. For a lot of families this is a tradition for them since the Elf came... Read more »

Violent Protests Divide the Nation

Andrew Drake, Team B Editor
December 16, 2014

In the recent weeks a wave of protests have swept through America’s major cities. This is the result of several controversial incidents involving police and citizens, all of which have led to deaths.  Protests have arisen over the supposed motives of these killings, as many of the killings have involved... Read more »

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