Fine Arts: Lisa Poyar: An Artist in the Spotlight

Holly Golden, Staff Writer
May 20, 2014

ChardonHigh school is proud to have many students who display amazing talent in a wide array of skill sets.  This year, Lisa Poyar, a talented student through out who is independent, fearless, and a high quality artist, has been picked to be in the senior spotlight for fine arts.   “Lisa is cordial,... Read more »

Amped for The Neighbors

Joe Connick, Staff Writer
May 7, 2014

            There have been many good movies that have come out in the last couple of months/years. The movie quality has decreased for the past couple of years but recently the quality has improved. Whenever you have Seth and Zac in a movie it will always give you a good laugh. This is said to... Read more »

There is No Boo in “Haunted House Two”

Holly Golden, staff writer
April 30, 2014

         “Haunted House Two” is a comedy spoof based on the latest horror movies that includes parts from “The Exorcist”, “The Devil Inside”, and “The Possession.” This movie is packed with comedy gems and crude humor. Those who aren’t afraid of swearing, sexual humor, , and... Read more »

Resurrection of ABC’s Ratings

Haley McKelvey, Staff Writer
March 21, 2014

ABC’s new Sunday TV drama “Resurrection”, based off of the book “The Returned” written by author Jason Mott, hooked over 13.5 million people on its series premiere night. If you happen to not be one of those people tuning in, the show centers around a little boy named Jacob from Missouri who... Read more »


Holly Golden, staff writer
March 21, 2014

          Pompeii, released February 2014 to theaters, is a fantastic movie set in 79 A.D about Milo (Kit Harington). He is a slave orphaned by Romans who slaughtered his family, and  he later becomes a gladiator. Keeping always with him his remembrance of the past, Milo becomes an amazing... Read more »

The Lego Movie: Anything BUT for Kids

Keenan McArthur, Staff Editor
March 10, 2014

You have most certainly heard of The Lego Movie’s success by now, be it from friends, family, or critics. Nearly everyone who has seen it has given the movie extremely positive reviews. However, there is still a fairly large amount of people who have yet to see it, most of whom have excuses such as,... Read more »

Lone Survivor

Nick Miraglia, Staff Writer
February 19, 2014

Excitement. Heroism. Terror. Three words that describe the newest war/emotional/survival/action/thriller in theaters. Lone Survivor portrays the true events of Operation Red Wings, set in Afghanistan in 2005. The movie itself is based off the similarly-titled book, Lone Survivor, by Marcus Luttrell. Starring... Read more »

Flappy Bird: The Most Popular Game You Can’t Download

Andrew Drake, Staff Writer
February 19, 2014

You have almost certainly seen it being played.  In study halls, on the bus, or maybe even in class, there is a good chance you will hear a high pitched beep as a Flappy Bird  player has guided their bird through another set of pipes.  In this high tech and complicated world, you would expect any... Read more »

“Pippin” Ain’t Easy

Randy Davis, Editor
February 10, 2014

Starting on March 27th, a new spring musical will be preformed at the Park Auditorium. This year, we are doing a different, yet spectacular performance. It is called Pippin and was written by Stephen Schwartz and first performed on Broadway in 1972. This spring of 2014, Chardon will be bringing it back... Read more »

Papers, Please- A Dystopian Document Thriller

Staff Editor, Keenan McArthur
February 3, 2014

What is the dullest job in the world? That would be working at a call center. What’s the second worst job? That would be working at a security checkpoint at a country’s border, or so you would think. This is why it is simply extraordinary that someone can make a video game based around this, and... Read more »

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