Spider-man Beats the Trilogy Curse


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Spider-men of the past and present teaming up for a battle.

Kayla Robinson, Social Media/ Staff Writer

Pre-Movie Breakdown 


The trilogy curse? Maguire, the first Spider-Man who everyone seems to love or hate. Garfield on the other hand got snubbed in 2012 with only two movies, but getting masses of appreciation for his new movie “Tick, Tick… Boom!”. But Holland, the third Spidey, so far has had the most success with people’s love for his take on Peter Parker. Traditionally superheroes get a trilogy, and the majority of the time people enjoy the first two films then the third movie ends up being hated by fans. Can a third movie be beloved by fans? The real question is will “Spider-Man No way Home” break the curse? 


Photo courtesy of Columbia Pictures. Current Spider-man, Tom Holland

Spider-Man No Way Home has been on fans’ minds for the past few months. The first teaser video was on February 24th and the first official trailer was on August 23rd. The release of the poster where the third Spider-Man star Tom Holland teased the multiverse. Lastly, the second trailer on November 16th, 2021 officially confirms the multiverse with villain guests from the past movies. Special appearances from Electro, Dr.Otto Octavious, and Sandman to name a few, now fans are waiting on the possibility for Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire appearing. 

Viewers get to see a darker side of Peter as well. It’s a very light-hearted feeling just like some teenagers in high school but make him a superhero. This time around, the actions felt more violent and you truly don’t know what was going to happen next. Going into a very anticipated marvel movie, the crew took their time; perfectly editing the trailers so you know enough but not too much. Holland’s trilogy doesn’t just feel like another superhero movie, it’s also a coming of age and borderline romance while being about our friendly neighborhood Spiderman. 


Post Movie Breakdown


Holland gave the performance of a lifetime. You can see the growth of the character from the first movie to now according to an Interview with Marvel, Zendaya and Holland state, “It’s brutal … It’s tough. It’s bittersweet.” 


Zendaya MJ (Michelle Jones) Watson showed out as a supporting actress, following Hollands statement with “Is it though? Because it’s very much just bitter,” 


Ned Leeds, Parker’s best friend and partner in crime, helped through all his mistakes while serving some comedic relief during hard times.  Marissa Tomei, Aunt May gave an outstanding performance putting a twist on May from all of the previous actresses from years before. From Tom Holland’s first movie to now you got to see Peter grow as a person, with them navigating life as a high school senior, trying to get into a college with now the whole world knowing he’s Spiderman. 


Of the few movies I’ve gone to since Covid, there have been close to no people inside. But once the movie was over, it was for the first time in years that I’d seen a line of people waiting to see a movie. The last movie I saw that was this interactive was Avengers Endgame, from screaming, laughing, and crying it felt like the true cinema experience had come back.


This is the most “Spider-man” Spider-Man movie I’ve ever seen, grossing $260 million opening night. Surpassing Avengers Infinity War became the second movie behind the Avenger Endgame on the top opening box office. In the meantime, dodge spoilers until you have the chance to experience this masterpiece back in the cinema. The audience’s reactions confirm that the third movie is a hit, now gold-certified on Rotten Tomatoes getting a 94% from critics, 99% on audience score, and the 8th highest-grossing film of all time…What does the future of Spiderman hold? Earlier in the year, the actor said, “So, I’m ready. I’m ready to say goodbye.” 


But after the recent release of the movie Amy Pascal (Producer) confirmed another trilogy stated in an interview with Variety 


“… we’re thinking of this as three films, and now we’re going to go onto the next three. This is not the last of our MCU movies.” So far unknown rather it will be played by Holland or another actor ready to take on being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. 


Rating: 10/10 for the original Spider-man fans or the new ones you’ll love this movie!