SENIORITIS: The Burnt Ends of High School


Seniors all throughout the school share the same face as they try to get through the final ten weeks

Cody Palovich, Editor-In-Chief

The clock ticks slower. Bones ache by the second. The looming thought of throwing the caps in the air seems delightful, yet so far away. What are we even learning? Conversations turn into boring jumbles of words. Senioritis seems to be in full-fledged at Chardon High School.

Senioritis is when seniors at high school become very lazy because the time to graduate is so close. 

“I’d say yes, [I have become lazy] you know I kind of just want to play some video games with friends now,” says senior Domonic Delzoppo.

Seniors stop doing their homework and schoolwork, they stop paying attention in class, and even worse some seniors stop going into school. I’m not one to put blame on other people, especially fellow students if it isn’t necessary, so I will say that I do all of those things. Most, if not all, seniors already have their acceptance to college already.

Senior Sean Carr says, “I am already accepted into the college I want, so there’s just no more motivation.”

Is there anything to get us out of this senioritis? Probably not. 

My personal experience may be a tad worse than my fellow seniors. I have many close friends around me who have received all of their credits and they are at home right now. I talk to them and they all say how nice it is. If I could go back in time, I would get all of my credits in before my senior year even started. 

School seems pointless. I know for a fact that I am going to graduate. I know for a fact all of my friends will graduate. It is a long, thirteen-year-old fire that has dwindled down to the smokey coals. I will miss some aspects of school, but for the majority, I have never been more happy and excited to leave something behind to start something new.