Zach Kalis’s Fun, Wacky, Silly, Breakfast Adventure


Buisness Manager Zach Kalis travels all over Chardon to find the best breakfast joint.

Zach Kalis, Business Manager

Your morning alarm begins to sound as you stretch and roll out of bed. You pour a bowl of your favorite cereal and check the fridge to find that there is no milk. Now you need to throw on some shoes and head out to get some breakfast. With several different varieties of breakfast available, the question is where should you go.

For something quick and for multiple people Maggie’s Doughnuts is the place to go. The doughnuts are large and come in multiple flavors. Baked fresh daily, Maggie’s hands down has the best donuts in Chardon.

If you are looking for a more traditional breakfast, Bob Evans or Spinners Diner is the place for you. Bob Evans is always a classic for anything from pancakes to eggs and bacon. The best meal is their blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon. The downside to Bob’s is sometimes the food can be very commercially produced and served cold.

Spinners Diner is also great for the traditional breakfast. Spinner is a blast from the past with an all ’50s themed breakfast joint. Has a classic hole-in-the-wall menu with bacon, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, and toast.

“Spinners has an awesome environment and the whole 50’s theme is done perfectly,” Senior Dominic Del Zoppo says.

Spinners is also the home of the best milkshake in town. That comes served in cold metal cups that seem to never disappoint.

For a nice cup of coffee and a pastry, Chardon holds many locally-owned shops. Beans, located in the heart of Chardon, are a staple in town. Beans consist of tasty fresh brewed coffee and a large glass case of delicious pastries. If you need a good muffin or bagel head uptown and swing by Beans.

The newly added Starbucks has been a good addition to town thus far. Starbucks provides different coffee creations for anyone with a sweet tooth to the ones who love their coffee black. Be careful when ordering though; sometimes these sweet creations can add up to over $7 for a single drink.

Our breakfast road trip comes to an end with Buckeye Chocolates. Buckeye takes the number one spot for the best breakfast in Chardon. Buckeye has anything, from breakfast sandwiches to assorted chocolates. Also, they have great lattes and smoothies.

Senior Sierra Feller says, “Buckeye has great smoothies, but their service is really slow.”

Although Buckeye’s drive-through can take a very long time to get your order it is all worth it. Where’s Dunkin’ Donuts you may ask, well Dunkin’ doesn’t even deserve a fair mention because of all of its flaws. Dunkin’ has cold and synthetic-tasting food. Dunkin’ has everything Starbucks has but just worse quality.


  1. Buckeye

  2. Beans

  3. Bob Evans

  4. Starbucks

  5. Maggie’s

  6. Spinners

  7. Dunkin’ Donuts