Echo Asks: “Rad” Chad Murawski


Jack Hollowell, Staff Writer

On December 21st, the Chardon Hilltoppers boy’s basketball team opens their season with a home game against West Geauga. Coming off of a district championship last season, we ask head coach Chad Murawski questions about himself as well as the basketball team.


Q: Are you guys ready for this season?


A: No, not at all. We have six starters that are not currently with us because they are about to win a State Title tomorrow night, and we have about eight players on our roster right now so in two weeks we will be but right now we are not.


Q: You have a big first game against West G, how are you feeling about the classic rivalry between you guys?


A: We hate West G, and it will be a battle, it will be a good game, a good cross-town rivalry, and we will be excited for it.


Q: Aren’t you from West G?


A: I am, yes, a long time ago.


Q: So does that build (your desire to beat them)?


A: No, not at all, that time is in the past and I care about beating them for our players and with no personal vendetta whatsoever.


Q: Alright, and in an unbiased fan voting Jacob Zeiger was voted most likable player, what makes him the most likable player?


A: Ahh man. He’s a great kid that works really really hard, as a coach it’s easy to like those types of players.


Q: Christmas is coming up so what’s your favorite Christmas movie and why?


A: Ahh man. Definitely A Christmas Story, it’s a great movie especially when they go to the Chinese restaurant and they chop the ducks head off, I love that scene.


Q: If you had to pick a dream car what would it be and why?


A: Hummers are sweet, I would like a hummer in case there’s a zombie apocalypse you can just cruise around in that thing.


Q: What makes Chardon basketball different than other basketball programs?


A: That’s great kid. We have Hilltoppers that compete at the highest level and work as hard as they possibly can, and I think that goes across all sports here in Chardon as we have very special players.