Echo Asks: Allen ‘Herndog’ Herner


Cody Palovich, Executive-in-Chief

The CHS Echo team catches up with Allen Herner and asks about everything from his history to his regular Tuesday nights.


Q: What is your history with broadcasting and radio?

A: Well, I have quite a bit of history, but it is ancient history. When I graduated with my undergraduate degree, it was in radio and television from Ohio University. I graduated from there in 1983, and immediately got a job on a Warren, Ohio radio station that paid four dollars an hour. I also got a job, at the same time, on a Kent radio station. I was off the air at three P.M. at Warren, and back on the air at four P.M. at Kent. My [radio] name in Warren was ‘Allen Herner’, and my name in Kent was ‘Allen Summers’, and it was a country station. I quickly found out that you can’t make much money at four dollars an hour, so I move on. And here at Chardon, I’ve shaken the rust off and do a little GTV work as well.


Q: Is it fair to deem you as the ‘golden voice of Chardon’?

A: [laughs] I don’t think that’s fair, although you hear my voice around a lot. In fact, I will be narrating a musical piece at the Bane Concert this coming Monday.


Q: How many sports do you voice for at Chardon High school?

A: Basketball and football. And then I have done some introductions for volleyball.


Q: If you could pass the torch of voicing to any teacher in the school, who would it be and why?

A: Should I go by acumen, or just strictly voice quality? I am trying to think of who. Of course, Mr. Hewitt has a very good voice. I think from a pure, journalistic standpoint, it might be Mr. Lichtinger.


Q: Will you be in the press box, voicing for the Hilltoppers for the OHSAA State Championship?

A: Unfortunately I will not, for each away venue they have their own [announcer]. We have hosted tournament games here, for instance, Lake Catholic was playing against someone and I got to do that. But typically, they use their own [announcers]. But I keep waiting for one of those guys to drop, and they have to call me in, but that hasn’t happened yet so.


Q: What is your favorite fish?

A: Koi


Q: If you could pick one student to fish with who would it be, and why?

A: Nathan Darling, because he is all things fishing.


Q: What does every other Tuesday night look like for Mr. Alan Herner?

A: Usually looks like me eating cheese popcorn, watching whatever television series I and Mrs. Herner have latched onto.


Q: Do you listen to podcasts in your free time?

A: I do


Q: Follow-up question, what is your favorite podcast to listen to?

A: My favorite would have to be Kal & Pal. I find it very enriching. I like to get some culture, and that is really the way I infuse some culture into my life.