CHS Student Council Unravels Homecoming

CHS Student leadership deals with another year of Covid-19 restrictions.


Student Council president, Sebastian Marker.

Gracie Duchon, Staff Writer

 Executive Student Council President Senior, Sebastian Marker went in-depth about the COVID-19 changes and restrictions about this year’s unique homecoming dance.


Q: How is this year going to be unique?

A: We had the decision to make the dance inside vs. outside, and we went with outside mostly to make it that more normal, since if it was inside it would be masked, and we’d have to separate all the kids, and since it’s outside we can be unmasked. We’re gonna have a big tent, so it will still be comfortable. There are walls to the tent so if it’s windy or something, so if it’s windy it’s fine. There will still be decorations in the halls so it’ll still be the same.


Q: Would there be a concern about the weather?

A: It’s just going to be October so the weather is always bad. Most girls don’t wear shoes anyways so it being muddy isn’t a big concern, and you can just bring tennis shoes and they’ll be fine.


Q: When did the student council start planning this process?

A: We started planning the first week of August and started getting everything ordered, but everything’s ordered to make sure everything is here next week and we have everything. Nothing should be delayed or anything.


Q: Are there any themes, or decided themes?

A: The theme is like a glow so like beyond kind of stuff and glow in the dark, but when we were deciding it, we called it a rave, but that was just our idea behind it, it’s not going to be an actual rave, that was the problem with it, but the actual theme is like a glow theme.


Q: What are the potential changes for COVID, are there any chances of if getting shut down?

A: I’m not going to say it official yet but the dance is outside so the chances of us having to wear masks are lower than if we were inside, and we’ll have everyone outside too most likely, but all of that is coming from the health director and not us, so it just depends on what the health director says what were allowed to do. If we were in the gym it would have been an hour and a half and it would have been only freshman and sophomore and then juniors and seniors and then with that if you had a date in between those, you couldn’t bring them because it was only those grades so. They’d be at different times.


Q:If the dance is still going as planned, are there any minor changes due to COVID?

A: Since its outside capacity is the same. That’s why we wanted it outside to keep it as normal as possible. And since it’s outside it’s gonna cost $10 more since the tent costs more, but it’s going to be a lot more normal than if it was inside.


Q: Have you gotten any complaints concerning these changes?

A: There were a few people complaining that it was outside, but I felt like there would have been more people complaining if it was inside  because they’d have to wear a mask, and the mask exemptions don’t count inside. I feel like we might still receive complaints, just not as many as if it was inside.


Q: Is there anything the other student council members don’t agree with you on, or you don’t agree with them on?

A: When we first started our meeting it was really divided but by the end it sounded like a majority of people wanted it to be outside just because there are less rules outside, and even with the weather and the ground, people can wear tennis shoes and stuff, so it just seemed more together and made more sense to be outside. We’re still decorating inside like people are still going to go in to go to the bathroom and get food and drinks and stuff so that will all still be inside, it’s just the dancing part that’s outside.  I would assume when you go inside you have to wear a mask except when you’re eating, just like a normal school day. Going outside was the shift for it to be normal, but if we have it inside, it’s not normal.

On Friday, September 24th, 2021 Chardon Homecoming Court was announced: Sebastian Marker, Chris Gherke, Connor Rozic, Nathan Tager, Sean Carr, Julia Carter, Farrin Erickson, Sierra Feller, Josie Aitken, and Carissa Clark.