You’re Never Too Old To Eat Some Candy

“Why should a little stigma about dressing up and being silly stop you from having fun.”


Cody Palovich, Editor-in-Chief

As Halloween rolls around yet again, there is even less excitement for Trick-or-Treating. There are no more debates on who has a better dress-up costume for when the clock hits October 31, and no more buzz around grabbing candy anymore. The narrative seems to be that Halloween is for kids, and adults don’t, or at least, shouldn’t dress up. This narrative should be put to bed. 

The main arguing point that I bring to the table is the excitement around dressing up. You get the choice of picking a figure of any nature and display your creativity. Anything you can think of: fictional characters, non-fictional characters, and even inanimate objects. You have the freedom to be whatever you want for a day. Now nobody is asking you to get in said character or object, but it is Halloween; you get to do what you want with your creation. 

Halloween can also be a great pastime with your friends and peers. Hang out with each other in your unique costumes (except for the two people who didn’t plan accordingly and wore the same thing) and have a blast. After walking around with the reward of candy, you all can go to one of your buddies house and have a good ole time. I could write an entirety on why costume parties are the best kind of parties, but I’ll save it for another article.

How can you forget about the free candy. What is better? Going to a convenient store and buying a classic candy bar for a buck or two? Or going around house to  house snagging free candy with a costume and some of your buddies? I don’t speak for anyone, but I personally would choose the latter. Not to mention you can stop or keep going at any rate. There are obviously Halloween curfews and what-not, but if you want to go for a couple minutes or a couple hours the choice is ultimately yours.

Have I swayed you enough? If these reasons aren’t pulling you in for a little Halloween fun, I don’t know what will. With one last piece of advice for my reader; you only live once. Why should a little stigma about dressing up and being silly stop you from having fun? Halloween was created for people to get together and have a merry time with one another. Even if it is a little silly, go out and have a good time with your friends. Go out this Halloween, have some fun, and snag some candy.