Boys’ Golf Builds Through Covid Times

Cody Palovich, Staff Writer

It’s a lukewarm day in the fall of 2021, clubs send golf balls right next to the pin. If this were a future match between any school and Chardon High School, expect the Hilltoppers coming out on top, based on their growth this season. 

The Hilltoppers have shown heart and skill through a shaky 2020 golf season, with a 4-11 record. While they’ve struggled in head to head matches, underclassmen have had their moments, hinting at big things down the road. 

“Our JV team shows a lot of promise,” said Coach Erik Hauber. “Some guys I can think of on the top of my head are CJ Goodrich, Sam Sulka. And I think Sulka is only a freshman.”

Senior Shane Callahan is another who has establish himself as integral to the Toppers even though he wasn’t on the links this year. Callahan was a skilled golfer himself when he played,  posting personal bests on eighteen holes at 83 and 85 . Callahan underwent an elbow surgery this summer after throwing his elbow out in a summer league baseball game. The injury and the resulting surgery may have ended his high school golf career,  Callahan was still able to watch and support his teammates this season.

“Sammy Sulka for sure [shows promise],” said Callahan. “He’s probably one of the best freshman golfers I’ve seen. He’s pretty impressive. It’s crazy to think he just started golfing last year.”

Sulka’s consistency has been the reason he’s received widespread praise from his team, coaches and spectators. Sulka started golfing seriously in March 2020. 

“I always goofed around with it,” said Sulka. “My brother Ben started playing and I made it a goal to try to beat his score.” 

Sulka thinks that the Hilltoppers can go deep in team play and individual play this year and years to come.

“I don’t care what anyone says, I think my teammates and I can match up against any other team” said Sullka.