Space Illustrates Beauty or Infinite Abyss


Credits to Unsplashed

Elijah Morris

Space is a rather beautiful expanse of stars and galaxies

This stunning universe in which we live is as beautiful as it is dangerous

The abyss will swallow all light whole If not for our sun we would perish.

Us the one in a million the ones,

Beings who were by all accounts more than likely to be doomed.


But we survived on our little planet of rock and water that we call Earth.

Earth out of all the planets survived and was able to produce life.

Even our sister planet Venus was not able to produce life.

Neptune was close to its waters but yet it is also only ice.

Venus the sister to Earth  yet infertile and writhing in volcanic fury.

Neptune is so cold and desolate with only ice and water to give.


Pluto the poor dwarf that holds nothing to call it’s own

Uranus is similar to Neptune but unlike Neptune mostly made of water with the only rock below the waves. 

Pluto so hollow so lost so cold no warmth in its hollow core

Uranus waves violent, demonic and monstrous breaking the rock that holds the planet together.

Both are very different yet similar in many ways.


Saturn made up of violent winds that could tear the skin

Mercury so close to the sun that glass could very well be its surface

These winds rush as if an end is approaching it.

Mercury was turned to glass before it’s wind could howl.

For both these planets maybe life was present and now lost to howling winds along with brittle molten glass.


Jupiter the noble swirling sphere of wind

Mars the little red jester that is a cousin to dear Earth

Jupiter so large but yet so unreachable for our grasp

Mar’s the heat is unbearable and waters once flowed freely long ago


Earth the one being that gives use safety yet danger

Earth that gives us what we need and desire yet plagues us and breaks us.

Earth our protector from the harsh void yet we slowly kill it.


Soon we must leave for the stars to fuel our gluttony for fame,money,resources or perhaps something more.

Yet we may never reach our hopes to travel the stars far above with the path we are bearing.

And if we do what we find in the vast darkness will it terrify us or enrapture us.