Oriani Kicks Her Away Into CHS Football History

CHS Hilltoppers recruit second female kicker.


Photo courtesy of Twitter

CHS Junior Oriani is the Hilltopper’s second female kicker.

Kaity Nimmo, Staff Writer

Jenna Oriani, a 16 year old junior at Chardon High School has recently faced a difficult decision. Should she go against the social norms, and make a difference?

Oriani’s decision to become a female kicker is inspiring many people, and will have a lasting impact on the community. She plays soccer, participates in outdoor and indoor track, and keeps up with her grades in the process.

When Oriani was a sophomore, Chardon’s football team needed a kicker. After surveying some potential players, Oriani came to Chardon’s head football coach’s attention. Coach Hewitt asked if she wanted to try the position of kicker for our high school football team. He saw that she was not only being referred to as “the fastest girl ever” on many twitter accounts, but was also very good soccer player. She even scored the first goal of the season.

Hewitt and the other coaches wanted to give her this opportunity. Oriani practiced for a while, and was finally ready to dress for her first game this season.

Jenna is not the first female kicker in Chardon’s history though. In 2014, Riley Tatonetti kicked for Chardon High school as well. Tatonetti was the first female in Chardon’s history to score for the Hilltoppers. She inspired many people to try new things, and really get out of their comfort zones.

”I heard that there was a girl kicker a couple years ago,” said Oriani. “I thought that was cool, so I was like, okay I’ll do it.” Oriani is carrying on Riley’s legacy. Everyone in the community is very supportive, and excited to see how far Jenna will go. When asked if she is going to kick next year as well, she said,”Yeah, Keaton [Zeigenfuss] is obviously the main kicker this year, so next year I’ll be the main kicker.”

Next year, the Hilltoppers will finally get to see her true potential.