Being a Part of CHS Crazies

Staff writer looks back on the four years of Chardon Crazies.


Doug Murray

CHS student section during the 2019 Homecoming football game vs Riverside

Jena Goodwin , Section Editor

The beginning of many lasts. The last first day of school. The last Friday night in the Chardon Crazies student section. Everyone was a part of the student section for the first time as freshmen, but how does it feel to be a part of it for the last time? 

Freshmen have a very different outlook on being a part of the Chardon Crazies than a senior does. They are just getting started, while the seniors are just finishing up. Usually standing in the back quietly, trying to figure out what to do.  

Molly Evans, freshman says, “it is louder than I expected.”

Seniors feel a different sense of pride now that they have experienced what is like to be a part of the student section on Friday nights at Chardon Memorial Field. The older a student gets, the more they want to be involved.

 “You are on the fence and the guys in your grade are running the game. Also, you become a leader of the Crazies,” said Cooper Farrow, senior. It is a whole different experience. 

The Crazy Captains have an important job, as they have to lead the rest of the student section. It is very different from their past years of just being another person in the sea of students. The Crazies are an important part of Friday nights in Chardon, but the band is what they feed off of. 

The last year of being in the Chardon Crazies student section is a different type of feeling. It’s the end of an era for all of the seniors that have been involved since the beginning of high school.