Chardon Swimming

Chardon Swimming

Nick Miraglia, Ed

Did you know that there is a swim team at Chardon High School? Well there is one, and it is one of the fastest growing sports in the high school. It is composed of students, both male and female, from all four classes at Chardon. While not an official Varsity sport yet, it is a club sport at the school.

Practices take place at both the Geauga County YMCA as well as Spire Institute in Geneva. Since it is a club sport though, athletes must find a ride themselves to get to practice.

While the Hilltoppers may not have Michael Phelps on their team, they have earned an impressive 3-0 record. Having nearly half the swimmers being brand new to the team this year, this is a very promising record for the future of Chardon Swimming. It also shows the determination on behalf of the coach.

Several first-year swimmers sounded off about their experiences on the team. “I love it so much,” said student-athlete Alison Wattleworth. “Its a great way to get into shape and I really suggest swimming for anyone looking to improve their athleticism,” she added.

Another rookie, Livia Phelan, completely backed up Wattleworth’s statements to the press. “Not only is it great cardio but also great resistance training. I’ve become so much more comfortable in the pool and I feel like I can really compete now.

Phelan does indeed have a point that can be backed up medically. According to, the different strokes of swimming work different muscle groups, all while promoting a healthy aerobic lifestyle. Swimming can also be good if an athlete is recovering from an injury.

Interested in joining the swim team for next season? Definitely be prepared to endure some hard workouts in order to properly train to compete. “I’m always sore after practice,” said Wattleworth. Also, it may not be a bad idea to invest in a YMCA membership in order to start offseason training, as they not only have a weight room but also a pool.

With proper exercise, a little determination, and a lot of self-motivation, you too could help grow the Chardon Swim Team for next year. With your help, it could someday become a varsity sport at the school.