Senior Night 2014

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Senior Night 2014

Jordan Barrett, Staff Writer

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Senior night eventually comes for every senior student-athlete.  The time of season where it is the last regular season home game, and for the seniors, it is the last one ever.  Each senior walks out with his or her parents before the game.  Along with the senior student-athlete and his or her parents,  the senior chooses a teacher to walk out with them.  The student-athlete chooses the teacher based on how much of a positive impact the teacher had on that particular student’s life.

This year for the football players’ and cheerleaders’ senior night, the football team played University School.  Before the game each senior cheerleader walked out from the north end zone to the 50 yard line (in alphabetical order) followed by each senior football player (in numerical order).  After the senior football players walk out to be announced, they headed back up into the locker room to begin pre game preparations.

The Chardon Hilltoppers came onto the field for their final home football game led by Patrick Sullivan.  “I have been wanting to win the axe award all year, and the fact that I got to have it for the final home game all of us seniors will ever have really made it that much more special to me,” Patrick quoted after the game.  The axe award is given to the most deserving player who had the best performance from the previous week voted by the coaches.

Every senior night, the team really rallies together for a win.  This year the Chardon Hilltoppers defeated the University Preppers 49-28.  All seven touchdowns came from the arms or feet of a senior player.  Ben Cyvas ran for three touchdowns, Patrick Sullivan threw and ran for one touchdown each, Joe Grippe ran for another, and Jordan Barrett had one reception for a touchdown.  Not to mention, Riley Tatonetti kicked for five extra points.

The game was not the only exciting part of the night.  Montel Williams made an appearance in the student section!  He had been saying he wanted to attend a game and he finally did.  He participated in all of the student section activities and even received some gifts.  “Having Montel Williams at the game was quite the excitement,” Dillon Coughlin exclaimed.

In the end, senior night was a success from the win to the student section’s surprise visitor.  “I did not want to leave this field at all,” Connor McBride said.

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