Class of 2013 Senior Wills

I, BRETT BENDER, will JOHN O’BRIEN:  Brett Bender Valley so he can practice his fruit loops; JOHN, BOBBY, TREVOR AND MICHAEL:  “Mahalo,” “word,” “hater,” and the advice not to take senior year too seriously and to keep being yourselves; CALVIN AND AUSTIN:  Physics Club, because you were great freshmen, and the best of luck for the rest of high school.


I, BROOKE BENDER, will MEGHAN WHITNEY:  The honor of being “my senior” and calling me “your freshman;” EMILY HAWKINS:  A LOT of luck and patience, you’ll need it; MY SOCCER GIRLS:  An amazing season to come; MY FRESHMEN:  Success and a little bit of luck, to get involved and enjoy high school; CASSY CICERO AND KELLY DOUGLAS:  The 4×100 and 4×200, have fun; STEPH FERRANTE:  Some meanness because you have none; MATT LIGGETT:  A fish fry; JULIA MANRING, LINDSEY LYONS AND RACHEL TUSICK:  Another lunch table; MRS. ROHR:  1,000 AP Chem classes inferior to ours;  KEVIN MORGAN:  Some more of that sassy attitude; THE SPRINT SQUAD:  Dire consequences if you ever forget the baton bag; EVERYONE ELSE:  Good luck in high school, I’m out!


I, EMILY BENDER, will RAY BENDER:  The drumline to rule over with reckless shenanigans; JIMMY UHLAND, ERIC SIKTBERG, MATT BARON and RACHEL LODER:  My love; THE UNDERCLASSMEN IN 9TH PERIOD AP STATISTICS:  All my apathetic math knowledge; TREVOR MARTHE:  My maturity, because it’s time to grow up and stop playing Yu-Gi-Oh; JOHN O’BRIEN:  The chance to go to two more school dances without having to deal with me, though I appreciate going to my last with you; FREE HARMONY UNDERCLASSMEN:  The ability to keep going, even when it isn’t fun; MRS. PFIEL:  The option to be my agent if I become ridiculously famous.

I, MASON BENDER, will NICK MYSYK: my ability to dominate mini hoop; ERIKA ELLMAN: my ability to have more than one friend; ZACH WEILAND: a better computer and my love for Hopsin; LAUREN MOLNAR: my ability to put up with Erika; KYLE SPEAR: The Chardon Crazies; MISS GRANTHAM: my love for baseball; MRS. SORINE: my ability to stay sane 24/7; MR. FETCHIK: my stellar golf talent; JOE DUNAY: my baseball talent

I, ADAM BENJAMIN, will TREVOR AND BOBBY:  The strength to carry on without all of your favorite seniors; JAMIE:  My parking pass and driving ability; MR. SNYDER:  A team of great new editors and writers for next year; MY STATS CLASS:  My free-throw shooting abilities. MRS. ROHR: My once-in-a-lifetime Enviorthon ability; MR. MIZEN’S MENTORING CLASS:  The strength to make it through high school and enjoy yourselves along the way.

I, KELLY BERGENSTEIN, will KATIE DAUGHERTY:  My sick dance moves and all the cabs (they’re here!); ASHLEY LINGAFELTER: Enough sanity to deal with band for three more years, and a sick cymballer to hold for you because I can’t; BRIAN FERRIS:  The world’s best nickname, and sticks to last you all season; AUSTIN LINN:  All the lead roles you deserve; BRITTNEY WILSON:  Naps for days on Streiff’s couch; SARAH SAVEL:  Good vibes and vent sessions whenever you need them; CHRIS BALDWIN:  Someone to take you on daily walks, and mallets that aren’t bent; HALLE KEVERN:  A spot on Streiff’s couch when he’s not looking.

I, JOEY CASAVECCHIA, will MRS. ROHR: My PhD; MATT GITTINS:  My Phantom tickets; LEAH BLACKLEY:  My Spanish homework; AUSTIN LINN:  My stellar vocal chords; MATT MORRISETTE:  All my broken racquets; THE CLASS OF 2015:  My sense of humor; JAKE CHESNES AND ANDREW DRAKE:  My Quiz Bowl legacy; MARIAH GRAY:  My prom ticket and a spot in the White House; MR. BROWN:  My AP test score.

I, ROGER DAVIS, will MY FOOTBALL BROS: the football field; don’t take it for granted and play every play like it’s your last.  It sounds cliché but it really sucks when it’s over; MATT BOLDEN: all of my truck sticks, use them wisely young padawan, and keep your knees up; NICK MYSYK: my amazing hands to return kicks next year, don’t be scared little guy; ANDREW PIKUS: the work ethic that RJ and I used to become massive studs; you will need it. PETER LEMASTER: my happiness, no one likes an angry Pete. ANDREW GREY: my pancakes; stay strapped, it was a great time putting kids down with you.  WHOEVER WEARS THE #8 NEXT YEAR: all of my memories playing with my best friends, add your own to them and enjoy the process. RYDER: MY luck with great friends and relationships and hope that you make your next four years in high school great.  Work hard and be the best you can in all aspects of your life, but especially the weight room.

I, ALLIE DIEHL, will JULIANNA MEYERS, SAM BAIERL, AND JILLIAN CRESSMAN: My brother Andrew, it really does take a village to drive him around; MY CROSS GIRLIES:  Another “husky girl,” all the adventure runs you can find in Chardon, and an injury-free season topped off with a PAC Championship; MR. COMBS:  Another Corinne and Allie duo to fill your 4th period free time and always say “hi” in the halls; MR. SNYDER:  My brother, so you can befriend another “A.D”; MR. BROWN:  An even lazier tenth period multi-variable class; MY FRESHMEN:  Elbow licks and the joy I’ve discovered in loving the wonderful things Chardon has to offer; CHARDON HIGH SCHOOL::  Another student who has come to love this place just as much as I have; ANDREW:  My good reputation at CHS.

I, SARAH FISHER, will MARGARET FISHER:  Permission to decorate the rest of the hallway; STEPH HUNTER:  The “favorite” spot;  LINDSEY LYONS:  My flushing ability; KAHRIN SPEAR:  My height; MR. BROWN: Self-control with cookies; SENORA NIEDZWIECKI:  New DePaul gear;  MRS. GRANTHAM:  Chocolate, glitter, and the ability to swim; EVAN LACH:  As much chemistry and calculus wisdom as you need; RACHEL TUSICK:  A new nickname; EMMA STOCKER:  As many cookies as Grandma can make.

I, MEGAN FUERST, will MY RUNNING FAMILY:  All my thanks and love; SAM STANSBURY, RACHEL LANNON AND KELSEY MCCAFFREY:  All the clothes in my closet (to try on!);  RACHEL BANKS:  My ability to say things that make sense;  NATALIE BUKOVEC:  My amazing Indian skills in Cowboys and Indians;  MR. COMBS:  My happiness and thanks;  JEFF VLK AND TRAVIS RITT: My horses;  EMMY STAFFILENO: My motivation, my car to come and visit me all the time, and grandma’s cookie jar.

I, JOHN HOWARD GLASER, will JOE CONNICK: A portion of my swag, Lord knows he needs it;  THE JUNIOR CLASS: My tanning bed, I know it will be put to good use;  MR. FETCHIK:  The keys to the school and the authority to do as he pleases with the;  MR. SNYDER:  Eight bottles of Advil, and thanks for being my dad on Senior Night;  MR. ROBERTSON:  A good sense of humor; MR. BROWN:  My mathematical capabilities; EVERYONE ELSE:  My superb sense of humor.

I, DONNA GRAU, will MR. BARTLEY:  My large biceps and my un-torn meniscus; CHELSEY GRAU:  My beautiful cats to take care of when I’m at college; MICHAEL CHAUBY:  My admission to the University of Colorado because you’re going there next year; MATT BOLDEN:  My amazing math skills, you’re going to need them for pre-calc; THE SWIM TEAM:  My amazing cheering skills, cheer loud for me; MY FRESHMEN MENTORING GROUP:  My ability to survive high school, if I can do it, anyone can.

I, JAKE HAPP, will DREW GITTENS:  My tolerance of Dennis; ZACH WEILAND:  My ignorance; ANDREW GRAY:  My speed; MATT BOLDEN:  The ability to reach for the stars; BEN KIRSH:  My swing; JOE CONNICK:  My swag, even though it won’t help much; COOPER SNYDER:  My height;  TREVOR MIDUCKI:  My sense of humor; NICK MYSYK:  My cannon; MICHAEL CARDINA:  My cash; KATIE MOORE:  My chemistry skills; SCOTT BARROWMAN: Everything else I have.

I, AUBREY JORDAN, will ADAM SOPCHAK:  Leg speed to run the 800 fast; NICK ELSWICK:  A hot girlfriend; MR. SHAFER:  A team that does what it takes to become one of the most determined and respectable teams ever; STEVEN ZOMBORY:  The ability to be confident in every aspect of your life, and to never give up, regardless of the circumstances; IAN JORDAN:  The awareness that you are stronger, faster and better than I will ever be, and the ability to make the most of that; JACOB KREBS:  Intelligence to not eat Hometown Buffet before your races and to always think wisely before you act; JOSHUA SOPCHAK:  The patience and willpower to lead the team to many victories, to be a reasonable and just leader, and to be as good of a best friend to everyone else as you were/are to me.

I, CHRISTIE MCFARLAND, will RILEY AND PEYTON TATONETTI: my tan skin, good grades, and super ripped bod J; STEPH FERRANTE: athletic abilities. I know you need them LOL; CASSIDY KING: can you just be me? Thanks. STEPHANIE FECIC: my video games, super coolness; CHLOE QUINN: my ability to not quit track; EMMA STOCKER: all of my ugly; JULIANA MYERS: I’m not giving you anything except some deodorant; MEGAN WHITNEY AND RACHEL TUSICK: Cathy. Yes, you can really have my BFF. EMMY STAFFELINO: share the deodorant with deodorant! Also, have my super duper flow; DIEGO LACH: un amigo; SHEA SMOSKE AND ERIKA ELLMAN: a little of my perfectness.

I, SANJA MILIC, will LISA POYAR: my hatred for everything and negativity; CASSY CICERO: my “amazing” tennis serve (God knows you need help with it); REMY NERING: my slightly better back, so you can play tennis next year; TREVOR MARTHE: my emotional instabilities; HALLE KEVERN: my makeup skillssss; KATIE MOORE: my incredible prank calling skills; MR. RON COLE: my communist ideologies.

I, CAZLEA MORRIS, would like to thank my MOTHER for always being there for me with all the ups and downs. I love you so much; my sister HANNAH for teaching me so many things on life and college; my sister ALEXIS for always being there for me whenever I needed her; MARCUS for always having my back, even though we fight; POPPY and NANNY for being the best grandparents anyone could ask for; ANDIE for always being the highlight of anyone’s day, (I love you silly willy!); ZELJKO for being the most amazing boyfriend a girl could ask for and always being there for me. I love all of you guys! Thank you so much! You made my senior year amazing!

I, RAYMOND JACK PIKUS, would like to give a shout out to my dogs.  Where my dogs at? Err Err!! I want all my dogs to have the weight room.  I’ve owned and dominated it for years and I bestow it upon my dogs to use it for the best.  Also, my dogs get Chardon Memorial Field, and are to use it to beat down and drain intruders of their will, spirit, and happiness. TEDDY GOULD IV is to become the leader of the KO bad dogs.  My superior stalk blocking skills are left to MERKLE: he must teach and bestow these skills on generations of spit ends to come.  My untapped ball carrying and truck sticking abilities are left to MATT BOLDEN.  MY cotton soft hands go to CANTANZ so he can actually catch and score those pick 6’s.  To ANGRY PETE I leave my extremely advanced linebacking skills, tackling abilities, blazing speed, and knee strength.  And for JOE-JOE, I leave my SWAG.  And finally my beast mode goes to ANDREW PIKUS, because he needs all the help he can get living in my shadow.

I, WILL PORTER, will TREVOR: my bonelessness; LIGGET: my chemistry grade; ANDREW AND BEN: my envirothon apathy; JESSE: my skis; RAY: my right foot skills; MICHAEL RICCI: my knowledge of mathematics; ERIC, LISA, SOFIA, NATE, PATRICIA, JOHN: Mr. Zitko’s loves; MRS. CARPENTER: my hair; MRS. ROHR: my glassware; WIGGINS: my left foot skills (good luck).

I, KYLIE PRICE, will LANA STRIMBU: my fruitiness and my wonderful music library; CHLOE LUCE: the Tumblr gods from California; COLLIN PRICE: the key to Mylo’s heart, and I guess you can have my room; JAMIE BENJAMIN: all of my work hours, HAVE FUN; MARY WEAVER: you could have whateva you like; MEGAN NOVOTNEY: my skills with the ladies.

I, LINDSEY POYAR, will MARY WEAVER AND LANA STRIMBU: my words of wisdom; GABBY FOLGLIO: my social awkwardness; CASSY CICERO: my weird humor; REMY NERING: the monster under my bed; 211 BRICKSQUAD: my catchphrase game; ANNA CUNNINGHAM: my love for Fun. And the part in our duet; HALLE KEVERN: my antique rings; BOBBY BUKOVEC AND TREVOR MARTHE: my acapella talent of singing “Get Low;” KATIE VADIKIN AND COURTNEY KAMM: my coffee addiction.

I, CHRISSY SAVIDES, will NATALIE CLARK: my fluffy dead chicken plume, my huge ladder (make Dominic carry it for you); KALLI WEBER AND DOMINIC FERRANTE: my whistle, my drum major chords, mad piccolo skills for the “Stars and Stripes” solo (for Kali); REMY NERING: my equestrian abilities, but I don’t will to my falling off talent! CLASS OF 2013: Good luck in the future. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we’ll always have a special bond; UNDERCLASSMEN: my ability to use a camera and take lots of pictures.

I, HEATHER SETHMAN, hopes the underclassmen don’t let the upperclassmen pick on them or rule this school. This is your school, too. Take control of it and be positive. Never let anything put you down. Teachers are here to help you and make a positive difference in your life. Finally, walk a little faster in the hallway and don’t stand in the middle of the hallway.

I, ALEX SIFORD, will MR. BROWN: my colorful vocabulary (I hope you put it to good use next year when you get upset that you don’t have a first period as great as our class was); LOLA MCNAUGHTON and CATARINA VADAKIN: all of my “cheques” that I’ve gotten talking to you and Arianna in Spanish, so you better start baking galletas now; KAYLEE O’DONNELL: my boyfriend while I’m down at Miami and you two are stuck in high school, (haha kidding!) but you guys better be down all the time to visit.

I, RACHEL TEUSCHER, will TAYLOR VANDENBURG: the awful responsibility of being squad leader; SARAH SAVEL: my sass and the trouble I’ve gotten in because of it; CASIE GRIFFIS: my parking pass; RACHEL WATTLEWORTH: my name; ADAM BROWNE: the ghetto gospel; VINCE FARONE: the spray bottle, Holly, and Brett’s shirt; HOLLY DOLEZAL:  awkwardness and that cow joke; BRIAN FERRIS: the rap in “Boyfriend” by the Biebs; AUSTIN LINN: Justin Timberlake albums.

I, KIRSTEN TYSL, will LISA POYAR: lemonade stands and American Girl dolls; BRITTANY WILSON: my wall chair in French; KAITLYN CARR: our choir chair; MELANIE, ERIN, CHRIS, ANDREW, AND BEN: secchi disks and tradition; MY FRESHMEN: best wishes for the rest of high school; MEL AND SARAH: Write it—do it. Have fun. AUSTIN LINN: your mammy; MATT GITTENS: musical soundtracks and the role of Phantom; ANNA CUNNINGHAM: Fun. Also, my condolences to your family; ALTO TWOS: my love, gratitude, and luck with Solfege; MY TEACHERS: my sincerest thanks to you all; ALL UNDERCLASSMEN: a positive attitude and a sense of humor.

I, SAM WILKES, will MATT BOLDEN, GUNNAR ROSS, and BEN CYVAS: a split of my good ACL.

I, MICHELLE YAKO, will BRAD COURTNEY:  the amazing sophomore year memories that Natalie and I had; MARY WEAVER AND LANA STRIMBU: my awkward life. I’m so sorry; GIANNI MCGUINESS AND ERIKA MARTIN: all of the sophomore boys! 😉 MITCH YAKO: my ability to get away wih almost everything…and my room; MATT MORRIS, LUCAS LUNDBLAD, AND DEVIN JOHNSON: my maturity level and my capability to say the word “spoon.” KARLI SENSIBELLO: my charismatic smile and charm! LISA POYAR: my blessing to like underclassmen! 😉 SEAN WEBER: my awesome hacky sack skills; MY FRESHMEN: many great high school experiences!