The Struggles with Small Stalls

“…Some of us just want to pee in private!”


Madi is 5’2 yet even in the 300s she can see over the stall.

Maggie Bonfiglio, Team Editor A

Privacy. A human right, right?

Many Hilltoppers would beg to differ.

When I first walked into that busy bathroom next to the cafeteria, I was an eighth-grader. That fateful day I saw a long line of backpacks against the wall, a lack of any paper towels, and horrifyingly tiny doors hanging on the stalls. It takes you back to kindergarten, when the one annoying kid would look through the cracks to see if anyone was in there.

Dignity is one of our core values yet we can’t seem to be given dignity in the most private place! 

The word among students is that they are small for a reason; To catch the smoke billowing up as students attempt to hide their vaping habits. This is untrue. They actually are short to catch cigarette smoke, which just goes to show you how old these doors actually are. 

Nowadays, what kid would report a fellow student for vaping or smoking? Many of us are caught up in our own nonsense, why deal with the extra hassle of snitching on someone for something most students are already desensitized to.

“Oh my god, they (the short stalls) are so stupid. They are in every single bathroom ever. I get they are to catch people vaping but some of us just want to pee in private! Especially for taller people cause when you sit down you are clear over that. You are making eye contact with people washing their hands, and it’s so awkward.” said junior, Riley Lewandoski.

“Not to mention while privacy has its downfalls it’s also good, you know? Privacy is a right, not a privilege. As for the doors, I understand why they are so low, but I don’t know that it’s necessary because most of us don’t tell on people anyway. The handicap stall has the highest door, and it’s still fine. The 400s doors are also taller, and there aren’t many issues there to my knowledge.” said junior, Lailah Pugh.

It’s an easy and popular fix. So why don’t we do it? Well, the answer to the question is actually a positive one. Even though the bond failed we may be getting a grant! The school plans on using that money to get us new stall doors. 

You may be wondering why it took so long to attempt to fix this problem. This is an issue you can’t blame on the school. It’s Ohio’s fault as we rely on voting to get money into the school. We can’t fix the issues that plague our daily lives if the people who decide on them don’t see the issues. Do you think the average voter is walking through the highschool taking in all the good and the bad and making a fair decision?

Nowadays, after surviving a pandemic, living under the constant threat of global warming, and constant political fighting, we often forget about the little injustices. The easy fixes we ignore throughout the day. Why are the first-world problems like making awkward eye contact while pulling up your pants forgotten until the next awkward occurrence happens (or until you have to reach over Mrs. Eye Contact to get soap from the only dispenser left)?

The Library bathroom is imprisoned again due to a broken plug.