Winter Storm Names


Nick Miraglia, Staff Writer

Many are unaware of the fact that winter storms are now being named. With names such as Kronos, Cleon, and Titan, it is making winter storms sound big and bad.

Unlike hurricanes though, these names did not originate with the NationalHurricaneCenter. The Weather Channel, a sub company of NBC, has compiled the list of names for the second year, with the help from BozemanHigh School’s Latin class.

Last year, The Weather Channel named twenty seven winter storms. One of the most important reasons that it began naming storms was for the purpose of easier communication. For instance, attaching a name to a storm allows it to be easily spoken about over social media. Winter Storm Nemo alone generated over a billion tweets last year. This allows for broadcasting the storm to a great number of people very quickly.

The storm names originate from Greek and Roman mythology, for instance, Kronos was the father of Zeus, Cleon was a Greek warrior, and Titan was a god that ruled the Earth before the Olympians came, according to Greek mythology.

So far, The Weather Channel is thrilled with the reception of this idea. People all over the United States are catching on to it. It seems like most people at Chardon high School have the same statement about it,” it’s stupid.”

“I think it’s stupid because there’s no point in naming them,” said Chelsey Grau.

“I think it’s stupid because winter storms aren’t well remembered,” said Marina Loos.

Zack Zugan put it very simply, with a simple, “I think it’s stupid.”

“Why are they naming winter storms?” Ben Mears added.

Carsten Schumacher had the most to say on the topic. “I’m really upset. I really don’t feel it’s necessary and it’s sort of confusing. Say, with all the winter storms we have, especially in Northeast Ohio, how am I supposed to remember all of them? It’s upsetting.”

While the idea of naming winter storms is catching on in some parts of the country, Chardon is one of the areas that does not feel it is a necessity. Some even find the naming of the winter storms to be comical.