Don’t be Crazy, go to Sadies

Jena Goodwin, Staff Writer

The girl asks the guy to a formal dance. This seems unusual for a formal school dance, but it only happens for a certain dance called the Sadie Hawkins dance. Students dress up in homecoming attire and dance just like they would at the homecoming dance. 


Although there has been a Sadie Hawkins dance at Chardon High in the past, it has been several years since it has happened. This year Dylan Kooyman, Max Koluder, Nick Tilton, and Caleb Kelly are putting the dance on as their senior project. They have sold tickets for ten dollars each to raise funds to put the dance on. Any extra money will be donated to less fortunate families in Chardon. 


The dance will take place on Saturday, February 22, 2019 in the gym at Chardon High School.