Hair You Can Trust Vo.1

An irregular column from Robbie Q. Frank

Robbie Frank , Staff Writer

Welcome to the first installment of hair you can trust. Up and coming in the exciting world of Chardon High School is our senior directed one-acts. The show date is January 31st, the tryouts are on December 9th after school in the choir room. If you are interested in being a part of this memorize a short 1-minute monologue and deliver it to the senior directors. Directed by Robert Frank and Nick Bross is “12 Incompetent Men and Women” a fast-paced comedic skit where a dysfunctional jury has to decide if the accused is really guilty of not guilty in the case of the catnapping, there is hard evidence but is that enough? Straight from the minds of John Mullaly and Kenny Leach is “ As a Human Would Do” about two aliens planning to invade earth by attempting to blend into human society after a crash landing. They then realized that invading the earth may not be so simple after the police get involved. “Lip Service” directed by Jocelyn Williams and Melanie Schafer is about a romantic date with an even more romantic purpose. But as life goes, it is not as easy as pie and everyone in this crazy restaurant has something to do and say of equal triviality. “DUEL” directed by Christen Niedzielski and Dylan Grieb tells the tale of a dueling ground host to many of history’s greatest battles. However, the popularity attracts a rather unusual crowd to the consequence of some scheduling issues. Support Chardon High School Drama and see the hard work of the actors and directors alike.