Blood Drive for Hurricane Victims

Laine Hursh

On November 21, 2017, Chardon High School is hosting a blood drive to benefit victims of the recent hurricanes. The blood drive will be run by AC4P and the Leadership Class. They are asking for volunteers to help with the blood drive.

Novermber 21 is the earliest that could be scheduled by The Red Cross. It is crucial the blood drive happen as soon as possible so that people in affected areas can get better help. The more blood donated on November 21, the increased chance of victims getting the help they need from local sources. “The Red Cross goal is to raise 31 units. My personal goal is over 100,” Mr. Mizen said.  Mizen explained that the blood drive is something that needs to go above and beyond it’s goal.

The Red Cross has special requirements that need to be met before donation. The American Red Cross suggests to eat iron rich foods and maintain a healthy diet. They also suggest getting a good night’s sleep and drinking extra water before donation.

During the donation process, they suggest to wear short sleeves or clothing that can be raised past the elbow. Relaxing and talking to other donors is also suggested.

After donation, The Red Cross reccomends drinking an extra four glasses of water within the 24 hours after donation. They also reccomend cleaning the skin around the bandage to avoid infection and sitting or lying down if any dizziness or lightheadedness occurs.

The blood donated on the 21st will be dispersed to hospitals in the area. “Helping ourselves will help them,” Mr. Mizen said. By donating blood to local hospitals, blood drives near the disaster sites will be more beneficial and will not have to worry about dispersing blood to outside areas. To give blood, students must be 16-18 years old. They must have a permission slip signed by a parent.