Students Anticipate Chardon Homecoming

Lydia Spangler

As fall sets in at Chardon High School, and the air begins to have a chill, students are getting excited for the biggest school event of the season: Homecoming. The dance, which is taking place in the school cafeteria and gym this Saturday, September 16th, is based around the theme of “Enchanted Forest” as decided on by the student council. The dance lasts from 7:00pm to 11:00pm, and tickets will be sold for $20 all this week.
While homecoming is a yearly tradition at CHS, there are some new changes. Madame Dalton and Señora Korenke have taken over student council, and setting up homecoming along with it. Despite the change of advisors, Dalton says that “We are just sort of following Ms. Grantham’s cues and past agendas that she has used.”
Another big part of the homecoming experience is the homecoming King and Queen. The court, five female, five male students, has already been chosen by the seniors, and they have started campaigning to be voted as king or queen by the rest of the school. Kirsten Henry, Kayla Benjamin, Allie Malloy, Clara Kalis, and Kelly Bolden all make up the girls on homecoming court, while Jimmy Cicero, Dylan Hemly, Connor Prusha, Grant Goodge, and Neil Patel make up the boys on the court.  
After the school has placed their votes for the guy and girl that they know and like the best, the results will be revealed in two parts- the queen will be announced before the football game on Friday, and the king, at the actual dance.
For the freshman, or those who may have not gone to homecoming before, Dalton suggests, “Don’t get stressed out about it. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself; just go, have a good time, and don’t spend too much money.”
As Sophomore, Sophia Alexandrou, put it, “Homecoming is a night where you can dress up as much as you want, dance as much as you want with your friends, and not get judged for it. When you’re with the right people, it can be an amazing time.”