Winter Wonderland on its Way



Evan Hornyak, Editor

With mother nature’s raft on the way and as we get deeper into the season, it’s time to start preparing for winter and lots and lots of snow. Although it has been a pretty mild start for this winter season, it is said to be another harsh winter like last year’s. Last years snowfall for Chardon, Ohio was 142.5 inches while the average temperature was 25 degrees Fahrenheit.  Don’t forget about the “Polar Vortex” we suffered through last year and the below freezing days. How’s this winter looking this year? Well its said to be similar to last year with normal amount of snowfall and below average temperatures. Andrew Pikus, a junior at CHS, said “I will always remember last years “Polar Vortex” day with -40 degree days and school off because of cold-weather days.”

With Christmas right around the corner its time to ask Santa for those winter jackets, snow pants, snowboards, and etc. There are also lots of great deals on snow and winter stuff on sale right now with the holiday season upon us.  Lucas Lundblad, a junior, explains “ I always get a new winter hat as a stocking stuffer for Christmas.”

Also prepare for those icy/snowy roads this winter. Use extra caution while driving this winter and leave plenty of room for stopping distance. Don’t forget to keep a ice scratcher in your car for your windows. Some snacks and a bag of salt kept in your car are also very helpful for those  emergency situations.  Mitch Yako, junior, said “ This is my first year driving in the winter. I just need to remember to take my time and not be in such a rush. I carry a blanket in my car in case i was ever stranded. I also try to limit myself from driving when I don’t need to on those snow filled roads.”

While some people hate winter others think its the best season. With activities like skiing/snowboarding, sledding, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, and  ice skating theres no reason to just sit inside all winter.Alpine Valley is a great place to have fun and make the best of the harsh winter ahead. So Go out and enjoy the snow but remember to dress warm!