Will Latest Police Shooting Feed the Flames of Protest?

Ryder Davis, Team B Staff Writer

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NY Police shot and killed a “disturbed” man after he stabbed another man  in the head at a synagogue.

“Calvin Peters, 49, had a history of psychological issues, including being diagnosed with bipolar disorder 10 years ago,” officials said.  Once inside the building, Peters stabbed 22-year-old Levi Rosenblat, an Israeli student.  Witness Nathan Meir Spater says he saw Peters corner Rosenblat, and then stab him whilst yelling “I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you! I’ll kill you!”   Nearby officers raced into the building after a bystander came and told them what was happening.  There was a standoff between officer Timothy Donohue, who told Peters to drop the knife. A video taken shows that the officer threatened to shoot if Peters didn’t put down the knife.  Peters put down the knife.  As the officer holstered his weapon, Peters picked the knife back up and advanced at the officer. Officer Roberto Pagan then un holstered his weapon and shot Peters in the chest.  Peters was pronounced dead at the hospital.

This incident may continue to fuel the fire that is the protesting of police shootings.  In this incident, the shooting seems to be more justified than in other cases.  However, it doesn’t seem to matter to protesters, as the cumulative effect of the many police shootings is astounding to them.  The protesters are attempting to make a change that probably needs to be made, however in my opinion they aren’t exactly protesting cases that are clearly police brutality.  The cases they are protesting are caused by a person putting an officer in what he sees as a life or death situation.  Many people have different opinions on whether or not the recent police shootings are justified, or are cold blooded killings.  I believe many of the cases could go either way, however, rioting isn’t going to fix anything.

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