Hunting Shooting for a Successful Season


Nick Miraglia, Staff Writer

Deer season 2013-2014 is finally here. The season comes with a few changes as compared to last year, which include different bag limits as well as different times, and also a new muzzleloader weekend.

Bag limits have changed so that only one antlerless deer may be taken per county for a total of a maximum of nine antlerless deer being taken statewide per person. The same rule of one antlered deer statewide is still in effect.

Hunting times have changed for the week-long gun season in late November, as well as the bonus weekend in December. Hunters can now hunt from half an hour before sunrise to half an hour after sunset, which is a change from last year when hunters could only hunt until sunset. This adds a total of three and a half possible hunting hours for the week long gun season, as well as an additional hour for the bonus weekend.

Also this year, there is a statewide muzzleloader season from October 12-13.

Many hunters have enthusiastically high-hopes for the year. One of these hunters is sophomore Jacob Urcheck.

“It’s a slow season because of how hot it is, but once it cools down the deer will start moving,” he stated. He has been hunting for eight years and has a total of three deer under his belt.

“Extended times will help out for the better,” Urcheck also added. He is expecting to harvest a deer later in the season.

Sophomore Jacob Dixon had a different point of view when it came to the extended times.

“I don’t think the half hour will really affect hunting, but it will provide more time,” he said. Dixon thinks it will be a rough year, but said he is more than likely to get a deer.

Not only does Dixon bow hunt Northeast Ohio, but he also hunts with a rifle in West Virginia. Like Urcheck, he has three deer to his experience.

On the other end of the spectrum, rookie hunter James Knopp, a junior, doesn’t have very high hopes for this year.

“I’m not looking at a very successful season, because of my lack of experience,” Knopp said. Knopp has only hunted for deer with his compound bow. Although he is not expecting a harvest, he does remain hopeful for one.

Nevertheless, many hunters are still very confident in their chances, especially due to the addition of hours and seasons.