Chardon community banding together

Chardon community banding together

Deanna Lettis, Team A Staff Writer

            Monday, February 27 was an unforgettable day for every single student here at Chardon High School. Although each individual student had a different experience and was affected differently by the tragedy, everyone banded together to try to help each other get through the loss we all suffered of three of our students.

            One of the coolest things during this time of healing for our school is the fact that it is not just the high school, or the middle school, or only the city of Chardon that has been showing massive amounts of love and support throughout this difficult time. So many other schools have been reaching out, from elementary to middle to high schools in different cities and even states. Many other cities have been showing support, wearing red and black ribbons, Chardon t-shirts, and tying red fabric around trees, telephone poles, and mailboxes.

            Just walking the hallways of CHS these past few weeks is touching, with all the cards, letters, drawings and posters from so many different people of different ages showing how much they care. The amount of donations, whether it be food, money, or things Chardon has received from local businesses and schools is astounding.

            “I think it is really great,” senior Gina Horvat said about the support Chardon is getting from the community. Mrs. Steytler said, “Initially, I just kept looking around at everyone reaching out and all the donations and the beautiful people showing how much they care and just was wondering why I wasn’t feeling any better. But as the love and support kept pouring in it really helped me start to feel normal again.” Senior Alex Kimball was also surprised by the massive amounts of support Chardon has been getting. He said, “It’s just crazy. Like all the support we have been getting is insane. It has really helped ease the pain, and it’s amazing seeing how one little town has touched so many people through this tragedy.”