Mysterious Post Its Appear on Lockers

Kora Mullett

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Last week the students may have noticed that there was Post Its on the lockers with positive and motivating phrases written on them.

Mrs. Joan Blackburn was able to talk about it and was able to find out that it wasn’t her who came up with the idea but it was a group of our peers.  They students wish to remain anonymous because it is more about the message they want to give than who gave it.  September is Suicide Prevention Month and they are planning to do something different for the seniors.  

“#NoStigma will be the main focus for future efforts to help educate others about mental health.” Mrs. Blackburn said when asked what she thought about the project.  They made a list of positive phrases that they then wrote on the Post Its that were then posted on the lockers of the freshmen, sophomores and juniors. She said that you can also find them on bathroom stall doors, classroom doors and teachers desks or their computers.  A student who wishes to remain anonymous says, “Because it was a thing that I knew would make a difference whether people just ignore it and paid attention to the post its. It was to instill a difference in the school that no one knew was coming,” when asked why they wanted to do this.

One of the anonymous students said, “[We] just wanted to do something for suicide prevention month and get the message out there that it’s real and people do deal with this.  We put messages on the post its in the hopes of making them happier and realize that someone does care.”

Some of the things this student wrote are “Pain is real but so is hope”, “Hold onto hope” and “You are so worth it”.  Another student wrote “Choose happiness”, “Smile it looks good on you”, “You do you” and more.

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