New Schedule Brings New Reality To Chardon High

Alexander J. Prots

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With the start of the 2017-2018 school year for the students and staff returning for another great school year will notice some changes from last year. First off the biggest change is the new schedule. After talking to Ms. Jacobs about why the change was needed “There was a task force that met throughout the school year, last year, to assess the need for a new schedule. Through the team meetings, visits to other schools, and feedback from students, parents, faculty, and the community, the team saw the need for opportunities for more intervention, as well as time to work on group assignments. After hours of meeting, the task force was able to develop our current schedule to address our needs.” Now students have a 30 minute topper time where they have to opportunity to do just that, but that is only on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Where students attend all of their classes and the school day is from 7:30-2:30. On Wednesday and Thursday it is the new block schedule. Where classes are 90 minutes long. In the old schedule late start was on Tuesday and first period didn’t start til 8:17 but now with the new and approved schedule Wednesday is now the new late start time for students. First period doesn’t start till 9:10 and it gives a chance for students to get the extra hour of beauty sleep they didn’t get before. Students only attend their even classes two, four, and six on red block day. Thursday students attend their odd classes one, three, five, and seven. With the 90 minute classes teachers could get more accomplished in that period. “It is not harder to teach the longer classes but I become more tired after.” Ms. Grantham. Talking to students to see if they liked the new schedule “ I like the new schedule because for the seniors they get open campus and I like being able to be at home longer throughout the day.” Kelley Bolden, Senior. Students can apply for either late arrival, early dismissal and for seniors with a gpa of 3.25 can apply for open campus and they can leave during their study halls or lunch.

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