Christmas Decor Superstitions

Dillon Wright, Team B Staff Writer

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Christmas decorations have been a tradition of many families for hundreds of years. From lights on the house, wreaths on the walls and the famous Christmas tree, decorations have become very popular in America. There are tours where you can view decorations and lights. There are also light shows and some places and people have lights that correspond with music. Decorations can be very fun and entertaining. Not only is looking at them  satisfying, but taking part in decorating can also be very entertaining for people. One favorite for many people is taking part in decorating the tree. Many people enjoy chopping down the tree and taking it home for themselves. People put ornaments and flowers and many other things on the tree. One of the most cherished parts of the tree is the star at the top. Nutcrackers are also a  popular part of Christmas. Decoration is a tradition such as hanging the stockings on Christmas Eve and kissing under the mistletoe. Celebration of Christmas includes many different types and cultures of decoration and tradition. Student Dustin Clute has traditions his family celebrates as he stated that,

“Every year my cousins will put up decorations while in their pajamas all day.”

A common thing with tradition is superstition. In medieval times, it was believed that children born on Christmas day could not be drowned or hung. This later changed into the thought the people born on Christmas would be lucky in life. In American culture, many people believe that leaving decorations up after Christmas is bad luck. In several branches of Christianity there are the 12 days Christmas where Christmas would be the first day and the last day being January 5th. This final day is also referred to as Twelfth Night. If decorations aren’t taken down by this night, it is considered to be bad luck all year. But there are also many people who think that it is all just superstition and has no effect on luck. Some people even leave their Christmas decorations up all year. Joey Dinko thinks that,

“Taking down Christmas decorations isn’t bad luck, but it is kinda weird to have them up after Christmas.” However some people like to leave decorations up all year because they think it looks nice. Another reason for leaving decorations up all year is that people are just too lazy to take them down. Superstition may have an affect on why people take down decorations, but there are some that still decide not to take them down. Either way, Christmas is celebrated as a time of tradition where decorations have a major part in it and the superstitions that go with it.