Chromebooks-The Next Big Thing or Nothing At All?


Nick Miraglia, Editor-in-Chief

Every student and teacher at Chardon High School has received a Google Chromebook. While some students are absolutely delighted at the new tool, many say that they are worthless. As Chromebooks are being used more and more in the classroom, students are being forced to get used to them, whether they like it or not.

Many students are upset with a variety of issues with the Chromebooks. The root of their frustration lies with the day the Chromebooks were passed out. “There were many problems on the first day and I do not think it went well. I think Mr. Murray and his team handled it well, but I was not originally expecting it to go well,” said Olivia Weisenbach, a junior.

Many other issues seem to be directly related to the Chromebooks. Of these, privacy concerns seem to dominate. After rumors have circulated regarding the usage of cameras on the laptops, many students have been witnessed having put tape over their cameras.

“I don’t even know if my webcam works, but I think they have the ability to [watch us},” said Olivia Weisenbach. “It originally didn’t work at home, and it turns off on its own occasionally,” she also added.

“I think it would be kind of weird if you are able to be watched,” said sophomore Ali Wattleworth.

Other issues include startup errors when people attempt to open their Chromebooks. Also, people have noted their wifi systems crashing after they attempt to link their devices to their home wifi.

“Mine doesn’t work at home!” exclaimed sophomore Livia Phelan.

Other students such as junior Nick Nazerini are upset that Chromebooks are taking over the classroom from textbooks. Nazerini had a strong statement for Chromebook supporters.

“I don’t like the Chromebooks at all. I don’t know what was wrong with our textbooks. I got a great education with my textbooks, and my Chromebook does not even work yet.“

On the other end of the spectrum, some students love their chromebooks. “I’m happy with the Chromebooks. I was looking forward to online shopping, and I’m happy with the chromebooks,” sophomore Ali Wattleworth also stated. “Mine originally didn’t work at home, but now it works.”

One common theme that is shared amongst most Hilltoppers is that they are upset with Netflix being blocked by the administration. Perhaps this is an issue that the administration can hopefully work to render.