Into The Toy of the Year Archive

Kayla Robinson, Social Media/ Staff Writer

The Toy Association announces the toys of the year every year around the holidays. This announcement is like the Oscars to companies and viewers. Some of the categories include video game of the year, action figure, doll, and creative toy to name a few. To be nominated each toy has criteria it must meet and there is a finalist selection. The Toy Association members, retailers, and the media partake in the voting process. There will be a Toy Awards Gala in February to start the toy fair in New York. Let’s reminisce about the most popular toys of the year from the 1960s to the early 2000s. 


1963: Easy Bake Oven 

Fun fact: In 2007 there was a recall on the shelves when a child ended up with severe burns.


1965: Operation 

Fun fact: The character in the game nickname is “Cavity Sam.”

1970: Lite Brite

Fun fact: one of the original versions of Lite Brite played music.

1975: Pet rock 

Fun fact: Gary Dahl the creator wanted to make the “perfect pet” you can leave it alone, doesn’t need to be fed, or no expensive vet visit.

1980: Rubik’s cube 


Fun fact: the popular 80s cube has 43 quintillion types of combinations. 

1985: Nintendo Entertainment System 


Fun fact: today you can still buy the original Nintendo on Amazon.

1990: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 


Fun fact: all of the turtle brothers are named after the Renaissance era.

1995: Beanie Babies 

Fun fact: Tabasco sauce-inspired one of the Beanie Babies.

2000: Razor Scooter 

Fun fact: the razor scooters are made of airplane aluminum.

2005: Xbox 360

Fun fact: the idea of creating a console like the Xbox started in 1998.