Waterparks releases fifth album


Curtsy of Waterpark Band

Maggie Bonfiglio, Staff Writer

Stop the presses! Call off playing all other indie music! Brendon Urie, shut your trap! Pete Wentz, close your gullet! The spectacular Houston indie-pop trio known by Waterparks has finally come out with a new album! What can I say but FANDOM is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C. Their past albums such as Entertainment and Double Dare are spectacular but this is a level up from the already high bar. 

“Dream Boy” has an infectiously groovy melody which makes it impossible not to dance to. I love bobbing my head to this song. It’s so fun and enjoyable even if the lyrics are a little sad if you read into them. I feel like a little ten-year-old girl again listening to cheesy pop as I dance to the early 2000s music. Though a little warning, it’s so catchy that I guarantee you’ll be humming the tune all day long.

It’s not easy to hate “Easy to Hate” as I kinda like this new take on the classic break up songs. Modernized in a not cringy and artistic way which many artists fail to do. They know what their metaphors and references to technology mean. They don’t sound like a sellout or an old man trying to understand texting. I’m not that into more dubstep songs but I can’t help but kinda dig it. 

The first song in this album I listened to is “High Definition”. It couldn’t help but blare it out as loud as I could. It uncannily reminds me of Owl City. Owl City is what sparked my love for alternative music so it’s hard not to look through this album with “Cherry Red” colored glasses. “I need to feel needed and I need it more than I let on.” It is a potent lyric that I’m sure many could relate to. 

Ok. Ok. Ok. I’m absolutely in love with the song “Telephone”. If it was a person I would marry it in a heartbeat. A story of awkward, dorky, almost obsessive love is kinda adorable and relatable for many of the socially awkward dweebs at Chardon High. Its punchy, fun and just plain makes me happy. 

“Turbulent” is amazing. It opens on a Fall Out Boy reference and a mellow guitar so you know it’s gonna be great. It’s fun, fast, and ferocious! All I can say is I recommend it if your angry or feel like you have experienced some sort of petty injustice.

“Worst” is great. Suffer from mental health issues? Wanna vent? Worth is definitely for you. This song makes you wanna snap your fingers while contemplating the deeper issues. Also, Awsten Knight’s vocals are just beautiful.

Last but not least, “I Felt Younger When We Met” is like a peppy version of a Twenty One Pilots song. An upbeat version of the classic “missing you” song. With good, catchy lyrics and glitchy vocals, I guarantee you’ll feel younger listening to this.