Maggie Bonfiglio, Staff Writer

There is always something to see and hear in Northeast Ohio. Here are some upcoming concerts in the area.

Cleveland Concerts:

  1. Oliver Tree: Oliver Tree will be taking over the House of Blues in our very own Cleveland. The famous rapping, scooter riding, internet star is known for his electrifying hits such as “Alien Boy” and “Hurt” which will be sung on stage at his Goodbye Farewell Tour. Tickets are selling prices from $46 to $138. The concert is at the House of Blues at 7 pm (October 31st).


  1. Elton John:  The icon of the 20th century, the pianist with overwhelming passion. Fresh off his hit movie “Rocket Man” Elton John is touring here in Cleveland. His worldwide hits such as“Tiny Dancer” and “Rocket Man” are likely to be played at this wondrous event. Tickets are pretty pricey at $347 – $1,289. Elton John is performing live at Rocket Mortgage Field at 8 (November 11).


  1. Carrie Underwood:

Carrie Underwood’s very own Cry Pretty Tour is coming to Cleveland. Carrie is the all American singer, songwriter, and actress. Fun fact, she was the 2005 American Idol star. Ticket Prices are $46.00, $66.00, $96.00. Fees may apply. The Rocket Mortgage Field at 7 will be hosting this Country/Pop star (October 16th).


Columbus Concerts:


  1. Grandson: Now for my favorite artist on this list. If you like the heavier songs of Twenty One Pilots or literally any hard rock band you’ll love Grandson. His amazing lyrics, hard rock style, subtle political messages, booming voice, and heart-pumping beat are all reasons to see this jaw-dropping show. Songs like “Stick up”, “Apologize”, and “Blood/Water” are perfect for new fans as they show off Grandson jaw dropping songs without too in your face politics. “I really resonated with the political messages and hard rock is just awesome all around.” said freshman fan Nikki D. Grandson – The End of the Beginning with Nothing, Nowhere is selling tickets at $22 online and $25 onsite. The concert will be held at Newport Music Hall at 7 (September 13).


  1. Tyler the Creator: This Californian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, music video director, fashion designer, graphic designer, and social media sensation is hitting Columbus. Ticketmaster claims tickets are going for $85-$151. This 28-year-old renaissance man’s concert will be held outside at EXPRESS LIVE! at 6 (September 22).


  1. Half Alive: Last but not least for Columbus the Half Alive. With happy go lucky tunes juxtaposed with depressing lyrics, alternative soft rock style and beautiful, colorful music videos Half Alive are definitely worth checking out. If you like bands like “The Cardigans” or “Foster the People” you will adore this band. Tickets are going for $22 online and $25 on site. Hits like “Awake at Night”, “The Fall”, “Arrow”, and “Still Feel” will be played live at Newport Music Hall at 7 (October 8th).