Hilltop Echo Staff Ranks Spooky Cereal


Kirstin Henry, Co-Director of Media

Halloween is here everyone, and the weather may not be acquiring to the new season, but you can bet that your favorite cereals are! After taste taste tests from your own newspaper team, we have come up with a list of the top 3 spooooky cereals of the season! These rankings are based off of not only taste, but what flavor it leaves the milk, and the creative marshmallow shapes!


3) Count Chocula

This cereal is represented by the classic halloween character, Count Dracula! Ranking #3 on our spooky cereal list, this chocolate and marshmallow cereal was the first of the spooky cereals introduced in 1971! Dracula’s catchy slogan is “I vant to eat your cereal!” Although everyone admired the classic chocolate taste, it seemed the berry flavorings of Boo Berry and Franken Berry gave them an edge over Count Chocula. Your news team gives this 3/5 stars!


2) Franken Berry

This is a strawberry flavored cereal filled with marshmallow pieces introduced in 1971. The character that supports this cereal obviously being the legendary Frankenstein. Unlike the usual scary character, being all cut up and green, Frankenstein is being depicted as a fluffy pink monster for this cereal. The strawberry flavoring leaves your milk with a delicate and festive pink color. This cereal has been ranked #2 on our spooky cereal list, the thought being that the strawberry flavoring was more original and out there than your generic chocolate flavoring. Your news team gives this cereal a 4/5, but it could use some more marshmallows.


1) Boo Berry

The so considered arch-nemesis of Franken Berry happens to be our TOP cereal on the list, Boo Berry! This blueberry flavored cereal was introduced in 1973 and its mascot is the classic ghost. As stated before, the usual favorite of the halloween cereals is Count Chocula but it seems as though our underdog blueberry flavoring has had a comeback. A quote from our very own Mr.L explains why this Halloween cereal tops the rest, “This cereal is cool because it makes your milk blue like in Star Wars. Then you’ve got Star Wars milk.” Your news team gives this cereal 4.5/5 stars!


These top 3 spooky cereals will only be available for a short period of time, make sure you get to your local stores and pick yourself up some today!


Until Next Time,

Kirstin Henry

Co-Director of Media