Students Weigh-In on Homecoming Music

Kaitlin Ryan, Director of Social Media

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Chardon Student Council successfully put on another Homecoming Dance this past weekend. As students are returning back to the reality of school, they reminisce on the memories made in the Enchanted Forest. On the tiresome Monday after the weekend, the talk around school was that this homecoming was “by far the best yet.” Since the sole attraction of the dance is in fact the dancing, the music played is always important.


The main complaint of homecoming holds a common theme every year: the music. Whether it be that there is too much rap, remixes, or songs that are “hard to dance to” played,  homecoming-attendees seldom seem happy with all of the music played at homecoming.


In the past, students would be thrilled to hear one of their favorite songs come on, only for it to be ruined with an overlaying EDM beat. Some students, not being familiar with the music, find difficulty in dancing to fast remixed music. The favorite genre seems to be throwback songs that everyone can recite with their friends and old classics such as Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls. This genre also promotes “appropriate dancing”, as that is the goal of administration.


This year, there was a recognizably higher amount of energy on the dance floor. After the beginning of each new song, excited gasps could be heard throughout the gym; this is a step in the right direction, as before at the dances, confused glances would be exchanged at the start of a new beat.


Formerly, Chardon’s homecoming, prom and other dances were hosted by DJ Zone Cleveland. This entertainment group tended to lean more towards the fast-paced, house music genre. Some of this music brings a certain intense energy to the dance floor. Any classics they play are often mixed out and songs are quickly yet smoothly transitioned from one to another. Jason Tysl, a senior says, “I like the fast music, it is easier to dance to.”


This year Dave Synek of DB Entertainment Group brought the student’s to their feet, dancing the night away. To the surprise of many attendees there were classic songs with lyrics that everyone knows, beats that made even the shyest person come out of their shell, and little to no remixing.


Jake Ryan, a freshman who attended his first homecoming this year said, “I liked the music, the DJ did not try too hard or do too much. It was very natural.” he continues, “[Homecoming] was not what I expected it to be, but it was a fun time.”


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