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Destiny 2 Review

Owen Vodopivec, Editor-In-Chief

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Destiny 2 delivers on all the promises made by the developers at Bungie and fixes the major issues with the first installation of the franchise. The original Destiny was plagued with issues at launch. There was little to no story in the base game. All of the story was in online cards that were a hassle to get to. Missions were also repetitive, and there were little to no side missions to keep you busy. Players who stuck through the rough year one of the game were treated to a wealth of content in years two and three. It delivers a great sci-fi story for hardened veterans and newcomers alike. Going through missions with your friends and gathering loot is more exciting than ever, and running a raid or difficult strike with your friends is oh so satisfying. Once you think the game is starting to run out of new content you find something else to keep you entranced and get yourself to the next light level.

Destiny 2 has one of the strongest openings to a video game in recent memory. You play as a guardian. A super-powered protector of Earth and the galaxy. The Tower, home of the guardians, is attacked by a force known as the Red Legion, led by their ruthless leader, Dominus Ghaul. You and the rest of the guardians lose everything; your loot, your powers, and most importantly, your home. This begins your journey to reclaim what is lost.

The soundtrack and sound design of the game are amazingly done. Every epic moment of the campaign is backed up by an orchestral sound and makes you feel like a hero. Every gun has a different unique sound also. The punch of bullets coming out of a hand cannon or auto rifle is so satisfying.

There’s not only the might of the Red Legion standing in your way to get back to the top. There’s also a slew of optional side activities to do. There’s side quests, patrols, strikes, public events, The Crucible (Player v. Player), and the most importantly, the Leviathan Raid. That’s not even all of it.

There’s so much to do early on in the game that it almost makes your head spin. It’s so easy to get distracted from the main story to join in on a public event and get some extra XP or powered up gear. This is far from a bad thing. I was rarely ever bored in the game, which makes it way easier to hit the level cap of 350, which was a problem with the first Destiny.

Destiny 2 offers a wealth of content that will last for at least 30-40 hours. That isn’t even including the extra DLC that is being released in the coming months. I highly recommend Destiny 2 to anyone who is looking to scratch that MMORPG itch. It is easily one of the best games that 2017 has to offer, and I can’t wait to see what more will be in store for my guardian and me.

Destiny 2 costs 59.99 at retail and digital, and is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will be released on PC in Fall of 2017         

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Destiny 2 Review