Star Wars Fans Excited Over Trailer Release


Nick Miraglia, Editor-in-Chief

People everywhere are talking about it. The new Star Wars.

 Since the trailer for the December 2015 film came out, many are now able to further speculate on what the plot of this movie will be. Will it be anything like the original three movies, or will it be more like the prequel series? Will it be a classic good versus evil story, or more so a story of an inner struggle of one of the main characters?

With a star studded cast starring many of the old film’s lead actors, such as Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford, many are convinced that it will be a box office smash hit. JJ Abrams is both writing and directing this movie, under the guidance of the popular series’ founder, George Lucas.

The trailer offers several sneak peaks. One of them, for instance is the lightsaber with hand guards, something never seen in the Star Wars franchise before. Another interesting piece that was seen was the Stormtrooper’s helmets, which have changed with every new trilogy in the Star Wars saga. Lastly, a new kind of droid could be seen wheeling around on what appeared to be the Star Wars universe planet of Tattooine.

For many folks, this is the culmination of something that was sure to happen. Justin Prezuisio, for instance, has been looking forward to this for a good part of his life.

“I always thought there would be more Star Wars movies. They simply make too much money, and I think that it would be dumb for them not to make more,” said junior Prezuisio. “I loved the trailer and thought it gave a really great sneak peak to what’s ahead for the Star Wars franchise,” he added.

Senior Kelly Douglas wanted to share a few of her own words. “Even though I have not seen the trailer itself, it makes me really excited to know that its out there. I have heard it was great, and I’ll make it a point to add it onto my long list of Youtube videos to watch.”

As Douglas said, the video is on Youtube and can be watched in school. The link to the trailer will be featured at the bottom of the article. However, do not watch it while doing school work, as it may cause a massive distraction to class.

Click here to watch the video.