Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday


Julia Houser

Imagine being pushed around a store, being run into by carts, and being fought for the last towel. Now imagine sitting in comfort of your bedroom and shopping on your computer. That is how Black Friday and Cyber Monday are spent each year. Hundreds of people are injured and some are even killed every year because of the crazy crowds of Black Friday while the small crowds of Cyber Monday seem like a safer option for many. Everyone that decides to go and try pushing through the crowds of people fighting over a deal on Black Friday will be sure to spend hours in the store and only come out with one bag of items. On Cyber Monday, which is not as popular but equally as hectic, will still be pushed around the stores while trying to get a good deal on the newest iPhone. But which day is better; Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

While Black Friday is more popular, it is also can be more dangerous. Hundreds of people are crammed into a small store, all looking to grab the same item. You can be pushed around, and yes some people even get into fights over something like the last towel. Sometimes the deals on Black Friday are not even worth fights. You may save a few dollars but is it really worth it to stand in a long line for hours or to deal with constantly being pushed around the store. Not to mention how controversial Black Friday is since it takes place the day after, and sometimes the night of, Thanksgiving the time when you reflect on everything you’re thankful for. Almost all stores take place in this because of how much money they make despite all of the deals that take place. While some people don’t like the idea of Black Friday many people go shopping that day for fun.

Cyber Monday is just as known as Black Friday but, people don’t take advantage of it as much as they do with Black Friday. While Black Friday offers deals for almost everything, Cyber Monday really only has good deals on technology items, hence the name Cyber Monday. But Cyber Monday still offers deal on things other than technology too. Cyber Monday has a lot of online sales too, while Black Friday does not. So, you can avoid the crowds and do all your shopping from the comfort of your home. This day is also less controversial because it is said to not have as much of a discriminatory background and it doesn’t take place right after Thanksgiving. Either way, both of these days will always be controversial. People will either love these days or hate when they finally come back around each year.