Pizza Roto Review

Alexander Prots

If you live in the Chardon area you know that there are a lot of pizza shops, auto parts, and banks in town. Residents do not want anymore or have the need for a new pizza place. However Pizza Roto may be the exception it brings a new kind of pizza pizzazz and it is delicious. In the new plaza that is being built in concord they put in a Pizza Roto which stands out from the other pizza places around the area. It’s called Pizza Roto because when the pizza is in the oven it rotates in the oven. I went and visited the newly opened restaurant to find out if it could stand on its own. When you first walk in the door and look around it has a nice inside and there is an outside patio. When you walk up to order you have a few different options you can order a pizza that they make or you can build your own pizza. The size of the pizza is big enough for one person. But if you are not in the mood for pizza you have the option to build your own salad or get cheesy bread sticks. The prices aren’t that bad either to build your own pizza it only costs $8.49 and it’s a 11 inch pizza which comes out to 11 slices. There is also a gluten free pizza $10.98. For the people that want to like the healthy life it is $7.99 for a regular salad and $6.99 for a small and you can make it anyway you want it. For dessert you can get some freshly made cinnamon sticks for $5.99. When you order it is like a chipotle you make the pizza the way you want it. I had the buffalo yard barn pizza which has chicken, buffalo sauce, Ranch dressing, and Mozzarella cheese. It was a pretty good pizza if you are looking for something with a little kick and want to feed your wild side.The atmosphere is very hipster and is up to date with the 2017 style. The music choice in the restaurant gives the place a nice chill vibe that people of all ages can hangout and have a good time with friends and family. I walked in thinking it would be a quite in and out but I ended up staying there for a while just talking and relaxing. It is a great place for both occasions. A quick bite out or if it’s family dinner night and the whole family goes out together. The restaurant is very clean and well kept. All the workers are very nice and helpful, they all had that friendly smile on their face. If you have not checked out Pizza Roto yet I would recommend it just writing this article and thinking about the food makes me want to go back again.