Black Friday Attacks


Natalie Bukovec, Staff Writer

The holidays have finally begun; a time to spend with friends and family. However, because of the way that some stores (and people) have started to treat Black Friday, this holiday feeling is becoming less and less special.

A few years ago, it appeared that Black Friday was a great idea for parents and teenagers to go out and get good deals on presents and things desirable. After a fun day spent cooking and talking with family members, midnight would arrive and people would shop; getting excited for upcoming Christmas. However, more recently, it seems as though this money saver is breaking traditions and ripping people from sacred family time in order to save a few bucks.

  Thanksgiving, in today’s society, is a day that should be spent with family and the ones that you love. Due to certain stores taking advantage of the Black Friday sale opportunity however, many people are seen shopping at the mall or a Walmart as opposed to sitting by a fire, eating turkey, and talking with Grandma about the old days.

This year specifically, many stores decided not to wait until midnight to open their doors but rather, they opened Thursday evening. For example, according to, Walmart opened up its Black Friday deals to the public at 6pm Thursday night. Not only does this cause many consumers to rush through dinner in order to get the deal in which they have their sights on, but it also requires employees to leave their families as well.

“Instead of spending time with their families; the people that they love, and eating leftover Thanksgiving food, people are buying all that they can in crowded stores even though they just gave thanks for what they already have.” says junior, Rachel Lannon. “Material items aren’t important in life. The love of family and friends is what’s important.”

Some people are getting fed up with the whole Black Friday whirlwind and simply refuse to go out at least until Friday. Rachel Banks says, “I used to go out shopping every year on Friday but now I never go out because stores open on Thursday and take away time from family and other things that are much more important.” However, a majority of the population, caught up in saving money, still will choose shopping over their families. Pretty soon, the importance of family and Thanksgiving may be lost in the shadow of Black Friday. It ultimately comes down to each person and his or her priorities.