Weighted Grades

Weighted Grades

Dominic Dea, Team B Writer

At the end of the year students beginning the process of signing up for next year’s classes. There are general, honor, and AP classes for students to choose. As you increase in the difficulty level of the course, the more commitment you are expected to give for that class. You would think that the increase in difficulty would deserve reward, but that it where you are wrong. This is brings up the issue of weighted grades. Unweighted grades, like we currently use, are based on a 4.0 scale, where there is no difference in GPA between class level. Weighted grades are the system of giving honors and AP classes more value in GPA. A higher value means that a B in one of the classes would still get you a 4.0. The scale for unweighted grades goes to 4.5 GPA, saying that you could get a 4.0 with not all A’s.

The issue of unweighted grades does not only affect quarter grades, but the ranking for valedictorian. Every year since coming into the high school, I have heard of more than 1 valedictorian each year (its usually more than 10).

“Having students up there who took cakewalk classes takes away from being named valedictorian” states Mr. Thomas Ciferno. When valedictorian used to picked there used to be only one or two students who had perfect grades. Now, students can take the hardest classes the school has and still gets tied with someone who took the easiest classes.


Senior Kyle Grimm has always found this topic interesting. “When I pick my classes, I would always pick the general classes. I found it pointless to take difficult classes just because.” Kyle is not the only student that feels this way. “I don’t want to ruin my grades to take a hard class.” exclaims junior Christian Ross.


As students begin to apply to college, their application will be viewed by admissions officers. They will look at your ACT/SAT test scores, and your GPA. The biggest thing that has personally hurt my grades were classes that were either honors or AP. Am I mad about taking these classes? No,but wish it would not of hurt my GPA as much as it did.

Weather you take general classes or AP classes you should investigate into the switch to the weighted grade system. Weighted grades rewards students that take difficult classes, but would not hurt your grades if you would not take them. This system would start affecting the current 8th grade class, and not anyone at the high school.