Scholarship: Larry King: The King of Scholarship

Scholarship: Larry King: The King of Scholarship

Nick Miraglia, Staff Writer

Don’t be afraid to push yourself. If you fall down you can always get right back up. – Larry King.


Larry King, chosen as The Hilltop Echo’s senior scholarship spotlight, describes being chosen as odd, since he’s never been recognized by a newspaper before. As a senior at Chardon, he wants his legacy to be that of people remembering great things about him.

Larry says that his academic success at Chardon has led to his confidence skyrocketing, but also says that his academics are only moderately important to him. He states that “academics are simply a metric that can open doors. Growing as a person and finding one’s interests are the priority.” This type of mentality helped lead to King’s success not only as a student, but as a person.

King valued all of his teachers during his time at Chardon. Although not having one specific favorite teacher, he says that they were all exceptional and that they were all greatly influential to him. King’s favorite memory at Chardon was having the opportunity to mentor freshmen this year as a part of the Senior Mentor Program.

Class wise, King said that AP Chemistry was his most difficult class at Chardon, citing the sheer amount of information that he had to remember in order to keep his grades up. Surprisingly though, he said that his easiest class at Chardon was Multi-Variable Calculus, another Advanced Placement course offered. He cites math club as the reason why it was the easiest. Math Club is held every day either during class or directly after, which allowed time for King and other students to ask questions and investigate other math topics. The type of course that King would recommend should not come as a shocker- another AP class. According to Larry, “AP Statistics allows you [the student] to better understand all of the ‘statistical’ information thrown around. You [the student] get a better perspective, and a better viewpoint- that is invaluable as an asset.”

Larry will attend The Ohio State University this fall to major in Computer Science, and sees himself teaching Computer Science at a university and researching its application. He also added that “’Dr. Professor King’ has a nice ring to it.” When asked if life has gone by quickly, he stated that he “never thought life was happening too quickly; however it’s hard to believe that high school is over.” He is most thankful for his friends and family, who never stopped supporting him. Larry has been a hard worker all through his career at Chardon and will certainly take his work ethic to Columbus.

“I’d really like to thank all of my teachers. My time at Chardon has, and will continue to be, the most influential time of my life.” On behalf of all of Chardon, The Hilltop Echo thanks Larry for being a great role model and we wish Larry the best of luck in college as well as throughout the rest of his life.